Child Abuse In Missions: An Activist Spotlight

Several adults are finding the courage to share their own experience with childhood abuse in order to help prevent the cycle from continuing in the future. As more reports of abuse pour in, the group PEAMM, People Exposing Abuse and Mending Mankind, is demanding an investigation be brought forth to uncover any possible abuse scandals involving the group, New Tribe Mission (NTM).

Some members of PEAMM, including the founder, Kyle, is one victim speaking out against abuse. His wife, Chele, was kind enough to share some information on the issue of abuse and why PEAMM is dedicated to the issue.

How did you find out about the alleged abuse?

Kyle was directly affected as he was a child of a missionary couple. A few years ago, a forum was created by former PNG (Papua New Guinea) MKs (missionary children) who wanted to unite for a reunion, and as they all spoke and opened up about memories, the abuse allegations slowly started coming out.

Recently, through Kyle creating PEAMM this year, we discovered the Fandas of the NTM Senegal Boarding School in Africa whose investigation you can find in the pages of the GRACE report. We have received many personal emails from fellow MKs who have suffered abuse of all natures.

How long has this been going on?

NTM was founded in 1942 and we actually read today from an MK that it has been going on for these past 68 years. This being the spiritual and emotional abuse.

As for the sexual, there are MKs whose parents missioned back in the 50s who have been abused but have yet to be investigated. It is another reason why we push to have NTM investigated. It has taken them well over a decade to ask GRACE for assistance investigating abuse allegations from the 80s. There should be no hesitation!

How is PEAMM helping?

We are always networking and making it very well-known we are about exposing abuse and supporting those affected. Not only do we have the petition demanding the investigation and justice be brought to NTM and MKs, we have our support group on FaceBook, we personally keep in touch with many members and organizations.

Some of the things we are looking forward to is joining the Hug Clinic for the World’s Biggest Hug on record, a benefit concert, the Ride for Freedom, and our most exciting is working with a lobbyist in Washington DC and in the works of getting political support for a bill we’d like to see passed.

Our main focus will always stay on support and education though. We believe by supporting another cause, group, or organization, asking their support in turn, we don’t become one voice for each topic but one united voice for all. There’s no reason to separate when there is strength in numbers.

How can others help?

It’s really easy. Be compassionate and act on it, but never don’t do anything or stay silent. Because abuse stabs at our souls and makes us feel so many negative emotions at once, no one wants to keep the topic out in the open. They want to forget. Please don’t I beg you. Read, learn, educate, support! And if you’re a really energetic person, I recommend volunteering anywhere. 

Of course, there are also petitions you can sign and articles to share on MySpace and Facebook.

Although New Mission Tribe has addressed some of the accusations, they have yet to investigate the abuse scandals. Sign this petition if you feel NTM should help heal the hurt and investigate their child abuse cases.




Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman6 years ago

Signed Petition

Adam G.
Adam G6 years ago

religion: the well from which paedophilia flows...

Eleanor P.
Eleanor P6 years ago

Abuse of any kind is unacceptable, but to abuse a child crosses all boundaries of tolerance. It follows people through all of their lives. Even if the entire 24 hours of our day is taken, we all need to add an extra 10-15 minutes a day to support this, REPORT all and any questionable activity

Sascha Norris
Sascha Norris6 years ago

All child abuse--whether involved with a religion, organization, home, or school--should be investigated. If it is found, it should be stopped, and those involved should be prosecuted accordingly.

kenneth m.
kenneth m6 years ago

we need to get missions closed this will stop it

Deborah Litster
Deborah Litster6 years ago

Deborah K I'm glad you are not keeping quiet but that woman should be arrested and put in jail or a mental institution why are the people in charge so hopelessly corrupt I guess these predators without conscience with their needs in mind do whatever they have to do to get what they want Abuse especially of children warrants jail time or mental institution time and then never to be in a position of power but it is not going to happen when our courts fail to protect them

Philippa P.
Philippa P6 years ago

All reports of abuse must be investigated no matter who the complainant is or who they are accussing.

Tracy K.
Tracy K6 years ago

This just sickens me. ANY abuse is unacceptable, and must be seen as the crime that it is. Recently viewed the film Unrepentant and was disgusted with the entire Canadian reservation school system to the point of physical illness. My fundamentalist Christian mother's response? "That's the United Church for you. Most of them were Catholic. See, THAT is why I go to an evangelical church." Umm... abuse by figures in authority, especially those who believe they are in power and have spiritual authority over others, is limited to only select religions??? Fundamentalists of all kinds make me ill. It's a license to hate, blame and judge.

I commend those who speak out and educate others - bless you for being a voice of hope for those who have suffered. Please know that you're making a difference to those who have no voices. It matters.

Jacqueline L.

I hope one day we will be free from our slavery-selfishness- and that we'll learn empathy and real love. Planet Earth must be the lunatic asylum of the Universe, surely. There's definitely something wrong with us.

Deborah K.
Deborah K.6 years ago

Girl Scouts, USA is supposed to be informed by Christian values, but particularly concern for female children. In 1999 I reported a Girl Scouts leader in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin for sexually using my daughter. In court, she admitted under oath to what my daughter stated she had said and done. The result? I was ordered to not repeat to anyone what this woman had done and she continued to be held as a leader in good standing. A local Catholic priest testified on behalf of the woman. (No surprise there.) I filed a complaint with the corporate office in Manhattan and was summarily ignored. GSA sits on some of the most expensive real estate in the country, has 501(c)(3) and non-profit status - which means they pay no taxes - and its administrative staff are highly paid. All done with the money sent to them by girls selling their cookies door to door.

Boy Scouts is also a Christian-based organization, but in Wisconsin, at least, no adult BS leader is allowed (by law) to be alone with a BS troop member who is a minor. That came about because of all of the sexual use of children occurring within BS troops.

A neighbor of mine went to meet with a local BS leader and his wife to sign up her son for cub scouts. The couple pulled out a suitcase filled with sex toys and asked her if she would like to be involved in a threesome. Because these group all have tax-exempt status, we, the taxpayer, are indirectly paying for this.