Christie Stump Lines Include Pessimism and “Going Down”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been active on the campaign trail, stumping on behalf of GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney. The politician may be a fan favorite among a large Tea Party section of the Republican party, but is his campaigning really helping Romney out, or simply providing another outlet for controversy?

Christie spent the weekend attacking Democratic President Barack Obama, at one point calling him a pessimist, and at another accusing him of “faking” anger.  ”I have a suggestion for the president: He doesn’t do angry well…He understands that the American people are angry and they’re scared and they’re worried about the future. So he’s decided, in the most cynical reelection strategy that you could ever think of, that he doesn’t care if you’re angry, he just wants you to be angry at somebody else.”

Romney quipped that Christie was there to show him how to win an election “Jersey-style.” And “Jersey-style,” it seems, includes making demeaning remarks to a woman who heckled him at the stop.  ”‘Somebody’s going down tonight, but it ain’t going to be jobs, sweetheart,’ he said to one woman chanting ‘Christie Kills Jobs’ at the Romney town hall in Exeter.”  There’s no consensus on whether the fellatio reference was intended or not.

Christie also took a few jabs at former Governor Jon Huntsman, too, questioning his time in the Obama administration.  ”I would be kind of pissed if I were Barack Obama…I mean, I give this guy a job, he’s over in China supposedly representing my administration when you know the whole time — at least part of the time — he’s planning to run for president..My issue is not that he worked for the president, but I understand why Mitt thinks it’s an issue…My bigger issue is, why was he being disloyal to the president while he was working for him? That’s a bigger question.”

Huntsman’s own surrogate, former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge quickly responded on behalf of the Huntsman campaign. ”Shame on Governor Christie for repeating Mitt Romney’s divisive line of attack on Governor Huntsman’s decision to put country before politics. The responsibility to represent our country in the most important diplomatic position of the 21st century should be applauded — not politicized.This type of divisive attack is exactly what the country is sick and tired of. We deserve better.”

Are Christie’s lightening rod tactics still just a rehearsal for the vice presidential slot?  At the rate he’s making enemies, he may find Romney is his only hope.


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SeattleAnn S.
Ann S.4 years ago

I really enjoyed your comment Joan Q, but I'm not eligible to send green stars. I think it has something to do with me not bugging my friends to join Care2, but I don't operate like that. I'd rather spend my time reading about what's happening in the world than why Care2 has weird rules about green stars and is trying to force me to get my friends to join. I've contributed a plethora of comments for a year now: I'd think that should be enough.

Didn't mean to rant. ;-) Your comment gave me a good chuckle, and I've had enough overweight friends and associates to agree with you.

Joan Q.
Joan Q.4 years ago

First, lemme say i'm overweight and am doing positive things to fix it, including getting to the bottom of what's eating me and relearning nutrition from a nutritionist associated with one of our hospitals here in Virginia.

Second, i have to say that fat people tend to be emotionally out of control. We eat when we're "happy" (we're usually NOT); we eat when we're sad; and we eat when we're angry or bored. We just eat, eat eat. Would you want someone like that in the White House? The disorders don't manifest themselves in doing damage only to ourselves. We are destructive to other people as well because the food and the fat are both ammunition and insulation against our feeling

This Christie person is a fat, out of control bully with all the sensibilities of a pig. That's my take on it and I'm sticking to it. I would imagine his children are secretly embarrassed by him and that his wife cringes every time she sees a photo of his massive girth fluffing over some street somewhere. If youi look at the man, you can see his anger/rage. A dangerous fellow, I'd say.

Third, if he ever runs for President with all the fat on him, he'll keel over from a heart attack, thus ridding New Jersey and America of a disgusting toad.

John Doe
james rico4 years ago

i live here in NJ and this past august he let the port outhority raise tolls on the bridges and tunnels going into NY by as much as 4$ for cars at one time when he could have vetoed this reqeust just as the NY govenor could have but also did not. even though both of them know how corrupt and mismaged the port authority is. how they put their frends in high paying jobs and other wise sqaunder money. he even said he wanted to keep the high paid workers active working on the world trade towers which has nothing to do with improveing roads but the tolls will fund it. the only thing he did was to put his now ex AG in charge there

Elvina Andersson
Elvina A.4 years ago

Yes, that all people are unique is really a curse sometimes - but at the same time it is also what makes life worth living.

Thank you, this was a very giving discussion. I give you all my best wishes for the future.

Curtis Monroe G.
Curtis Griffin4 years ago


You make a good point and I imagine we are very much on the same page. I also think the human implications of what's happened in Sweden and America are very comparable.

Personally, I often lean toward the quiet and compassionate, but this has not always benefited myself or those I inner act with, especially in moments of painful but positive growth.

Life is a complicated balancing act, is it not?

Thanks for the time, peace.

Elvina Andersson
Elvina A.4 years ago

To be honest I dont know if the situation I talked about CAN be applied to america (we are two very different countries), but after all we are still all humans.

Elvina Andersson
Elvina A.4 years ago

cont: I know though, this situation cannot really be compared to 'name calling' but I think you should still be careful. I don't wish any country to experience what've happened with Sweden, with increased extremism and ”we and them”-thinking (when all we wanted was understanding).

Elvina Andersson
Elvina A.4 years ago

Curtis Monroe G: Thank you for your kind words, there sure are both negative and positive effects of having grown up surrounded by the american culture.

”By recognizing vast public standards, like we hold politicians to, we build compassion. And more importantly, take power away from the herding instinct”
While I think you are totally right about what you say, there is also another side of the coin; when we become TOO afraid of insulting someone, and take this to a point where the free speech is affected (which eventually will just increase the herding instinct). This is what happened in my country.

Basically, neither our politicans nor the swedish people could even question the amount of immigrants we welcome to Sweden each year, without being called racist or islamofob. And this was even if we could not acutally take care of them all when they arrived, and not being able to give them decent lives here. This lead to a type of 'underground movement', with more and more people voting on a very nationalistic party, called the Sweden Democrats.

Now they are in our parliament, with over 5 % of the votes (might not seen as a lot but while the US got two major parties, we got eight). The Sweden democrats gain their votes not only from 'reborn' nationalists, nazis and racists but also from people who are less extreme, as well as people who vote on them solely to PROTEST (although many people see them all as one – racists).

I know though, this situatio

Curtis Monroe G.
Curtis Griffin4 years ago


Thank you for your thoughtful discussion. Though you may be self conscious, I think your English reads quite well. I wish I could come even close to communicating as well as you do in multiple languages.

Dr. C is exactly right about the GOP and the science of marketing, which is being taken to a new level in America today. Our Supreme Court decided corporations and their financial/marketing influence, have the same rights as individuals in our election process.

This is a dangerous time for a nation that is supposed to lead the world in democracy.

My point is although you and I (like most people) will hear, tell and laugh at jokes that offend someone, we need to be aware of potential consequences. By recognizing vast public standards, like we hold politicians to, we build compassion. And more importantly, take power away from the herding instinct which quickly inspired others to label you, and you to label them, as judgmental and racist, when everyone's intention was clarity and understanding.

Emily M.
Emily M.4 years ago

When was the last time Christie or his wife even saw his penis? He's a disgusting person and needs some respect. Nobody likes him. He's a bully and a child.