College Gang Rape Made Up

Earlier this week reports surfaced of a gang rape at Hofstra University on Long Island.

The victim, an 18-year-old student, attended a party with her friends when her cell phone was stolen as part of a ploy to lure her into another school dorm where 5 men tied her up in a men’s bathroom and took turns raping her.

Four of the suspects – Rondell Bedward, 21, Stalin Felipe, 19, Jesus L. Ortiz, 19, and Kevin R. Taveras, 20, – were soon arrested while an investigation continued for the fifth suspect.

On Wednesday evening, however, the search was called off and the suspects were released with their charges dropped after the alleged rape victim recanted her claims.

According to Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice, “the alleged victim of the sexual assault admitted that the encounter that took place early Sunday morning was consensual.” An immediate criminal investigation into the statements and reports given by the woman in connection with the incident has now begun.

This horrific story leaves me with many unanswered questions.

How were the suspects falsely accused so easily? What kind of evidence lead to their arrest? Did the woman undergo a rape kit? 

Is there a reason we are unaware of behind this young woman’s retraction? Why would she fabricate such an elaborate story and then claim it wasn’t true days later? Why lie?

Lying about rape is incredibly insensitive, especially to the thousands of women who are raped every year – women who struggle to report their crimes to police. In fact, sexual assault is one of the most under reported crimes with 60% of incidents going unreported.

Rape is also one of the hardest crimes to prove in court. If an arrest is made and the suspect is prosecuted there is only a 58% chance of a conviction. That means that only about 6% of rapists will ever spend a day in jail.(Statistics provided by 

When a woman lies about being rape her lie impacts all women (and men) and trivializes a problem that spans the entire globe. It gives authorities a reason not to believe those victims who do come forward with a truthful story and the public a reason to believe that rape isn’t as widespread of a problem as it really is. It also wrongly accuses innocent people  (most often men) who have done no wrong and creates a negative perception of future victims (most of whom are women) who are already vulnerable and fearful of reporting their rapists.

The story of the Hofstra gang rape is terrible whether or not the alleged victim made it up. To be honest I’m still questioning what really did or did not happen that night but hopefully as the story develops the air will be cleared once and for all.

At this moment further details surrounding the retraction and new investigation are unclear. According to the evening news on CBS, a press conference is set to take place tomorrow.

Stay tuned for updates as the story continues to unfold.

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David K.
Dave K8 years ago

"How many times per year to we hear about some innocent guy being freed after spending years incarcerated because he was convicted of a rape he didn't commit?"

Far too many... although I would blame most of these false convictions on the police and the courts for catching the wrong suspect. Often there's a REAL perpetrator involved and, due to witnesses' inability to properly identify him, he gets away with the crime and re-offends later on.

Then again, women who lie to police are not helping, either. Lack of respect breeds lack of respect, and false accusers are the #1 cause of anti-feminist sentiments among men. One web site ( even went so far as to use the slogan "A fact becomes a lie when it is politically incorrect. A lie becomes a fact when it is politically correct."

On the other hand, I'm also inclined to question the conduct of the five accused in this particular case, even if it was by mutual consent. There probably WILL be a stigma hanging over them regardless of the outcome... as there probably should be, too. After all, we don't want anyone creating negative stereotypes about our gender, either.

Catherine O Neill

Sick & depraved all of them.It makes me sad that all of them could just think that it is normal behavior.

Connie W.
Connie W8 years ago

It upsets me when I hear about women lying about being raped. What about true rape victims? It does affect them. It's selfish of someone to lie about rape.

Roy Barrows8 years ago

"In fact, sexual assault is one of the most under reported crimes with 60% of incidents going unreported." If they are unreported, how does the author know they exist?

Still, it's refreshing to see a feminist author shed light on the fact that, gee, sometimes women lie about being raped. How many times per year to we hear about some innocent guy being freed after spending years incarcerated because he was convicted of a rape he didn't commit?

Sheila G.
Sheila G8 years ago

She is the only one guilty of a crime, true, but I understand you though, HM, and don't forget this will have it's own consequences for years to come, they may always be remembered as the men who shamed their families. My Father would have disowned a Son for such behavior as he would have a daughter, but he also raised us to respect ourselves or no one else would. I want women, young and old, to realize this type of behavior has it's consequences, too, she may one day be raped if she isn't more cautious. She is putting herself in a postition of danger, not all rapes happen between strangers.
She should be charged just as the men were for a crime they didn't even commit. Maybe these guys will push a lawsuit, who knows where this will end.

Jeffrey W.
Jeffrey W8 years ago

Except there is one really big difference. The men committed no crime. She committed a felony.

Past Member 8 years ago

Jeffrey W.,

They ALL -- men and woman acted deplorably! Yes, the woman falsely accused -- very bad, extremely serious on an additional level, of course. Separate from the woman's horrible wrongdoings, it can't be overlooked as an observation that these men though innocent of rape, still are rotten on their own level for their lack of dignity, self-respect and moral character. So in that way they harmed their own reputations regardless. It seems too easy to paint them purely as "victims" and act as if they are squeaky cleans -- which they are not given their own "ungallant"/sleazy behavior participating in "gang sex". If you don't think gang sex is sleazy, that's your perogative.

Nothing pointed out here diminishes the seriousness of the false rape charge.

Jeffrey W.
Jeffrey W8 years ago

I'm amused by those who somehow try to deflect the seriousness of a false rape charge with the ungallant behavior of these guys. Yeah, they aren't the most upstanding guys in the world. Still, she consented. Falsely charging rape is far more serious.

Are some here really suggesting that women are so feeble-minded they can just easily be tricked into sex they didn't want?

Past Member 8 years ago

There's no honor among thieves. In this case - no honor among a bunch of "loose" (as someone used the term) what amounts to orgiests. Assuming the woman was consensual, she should not have falsely accused these men of rape, however, their behavior was still reprehensible and speaks loudly of their deplorable character. They really already ruined their own reputations no matter how you look at it.

Brigitte G.
Brigitte G8 years ago

One thing no one has addressed, saying that this was consensual, is the sorry bunch that stand around waiting for their turn with this girl. Not a single man who commented here made that a point so I guess if a woman is drunk and giving it up waiting your turn to "go" is acceptable. I think that shows the lack of character, morality, and honor most people suffer from today.