Computer Gamers Take On Global Warming (VIDEO)

Fate of the World is the name of the latest computer game, in which players save the world from catastrophic climate change.

The game, to be released on Monday, November 1, puts players in charge of a future World Trade Organization-style environmental body with the task of saving the world by cutting carbon emissions or destroying it by letting soaring temperatures wreak havoc through floods, droughts, and fires.

All of which sounds pretty realistic, and a definite improvement on the war-games scenario of many video games.

The British-made game features actual data from real-world climate models, anecdotes from the polar explorer Pen Hadow, and input from a team of scientists and economists in the US and the UK.

Of course, it will all depend on how good the game is, but it’s a welcome change from all those action and sports themes of traditional mainstream games. You can check the game out here:

Creative Commons - Ed Yourdon


Linda J.
Linda J6 years ago

Great idea.

Michael Branaman
Michael Branaman6 years ago

thank you

Alison A.
Alison A6 years ago

Thanks for posting.

Brigid C.
Brigid C6 years ago

I think it's a good idea. You are playing for positive things and not some of these awful murder games..

wizzy wizard
wiz wi6 years ago

every day should be a green day

Elizabeth O.
.6 years ago

Interesting article.

Gita Sasi Dharan
Gita Sasi Dharan6 years ago

Good idea.

Sue Cannon
Sue Cannon6 years ago

hope the game catches on and does well.

Mark S.
Mark S6 years ago

What a great idea! When I think of all the hours and hours I spent in the basement playing video games, I wish I had made better use of the time. I guess saving the planet would have been a good compromise.

Patrick S.
Patrick S6 years ago