Controlling Invasive Species Through Brunch and Birth Control


Written by Sami Grover

From trapping and killing feral pigs to making Canadian goose burgers, the Perennial Plate has explored the issue of eating invasive species many times before. For the camera-wielding, vegetarian half of the team it has not always been easy to watch her carnivorous, blood-thirsty partner tucking into an animal that is deemed unwanted.

In a blistering, wonderfully written and honestly agnostic post, Mirra unloads about the myriad of moral and practical issues surrounding the consumption of invasive species, with particular attention to the dilemma facing vegetarians:

For Vegetarians whose sole purpose of their food choice is sustainability and protecting the environment, eating invasive species is about as sustainable as you can get. But for other vegetarians (like myself) who don’t want to kill animals for their own consumption, or for any reason… there’s got to be another answer to the problem. I mean, come on — invasive species were introduced to this country at no fault of their own, but rather due to the irresponsible actions of humans (ie. feral pigs were brought here by the Spanish in the 1700s). So the current state of killing as many as possible seems unfair. But do we have any other options to manage these numbers?

From immunocontraception vaccines to tighter controls on the transport of invasive species there are, says Mirra, long term options for stabilizing populations. But in the meantime we will all be contributing to the killing of certain invasives, either directly by eating them, or by supporting the farmers who have to keep them in check.

As Mirra points out though, we are a little selective about what we class as invasive. Corn, and people, seem exempt from eradication. For now. Do head over to Perennial Plate to read Invading America for more on this pressing issue.

This post was originally published by TreeHugger.


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Phyl M.
Pho M.3 years ago

Feral pigs are killing the wildlife in the Everglades & other places. They are invasive & should be killed. Coyotes are natural to the US & shouldn't be killed.

Grace Adams
Grace Adams4 years ago

Whenever a species gets way out of balance with the other species in its habitat, it becomes a pest in need of thinning out. I am afraid humans have become pests also, managing to do harm out of proportion to our numbers even. That said, birth control or sterilization is a lesser evil than death, either by slaughter or by starvation.

Carrie Anne Brown

interesting article, thanks for sharing :)

colleen p.
colleen p.4 years ago this is how you controll Canada Geese

colleen p.
colleen p.4 years ago

Juliet D.

I think it is, that some stop migrating and they expand their range.

the issues we have are a difficult jugling act between habitat loss and "good enough replacement" the less grazing grounds for Canada Geese, the less problem.

and the "hurrrr free fertlizer", bird has dangerous germs in their poop. and this is not like tiny little pellts a deer leave. they can coat an area in huge green plops.

Juliet D.
judith sanders4 years ago

I'm not convinced that Canadian geese are an invasive species. What was their natural range before Europeans took over the continent? The same goes for deer and buffalo- the latter used to roam in vast herds from Canada to Mexico, and a whole ecosystem was based on their migrations. Fish, mammal, and insect populations are going through big changes now due to climate change. It's ridiculous to expect species to ignore their genetic programming and die in the small tracts we have left for them.

Juliet D.
judith sanders4 years ago

I keep hearing how tasty snakehead fish are, but I've never seen any offered for sale.

cassandra Yinger
Cassandra Yinger4 years ago

Like to add that you have to be wary of some charities, such as The Nature Conservatory and World Wildlife Foundation, that solicit from animal lovers but actually kill one species they consider "invasive" to save another, sometimes it is hunting or poisoning animals such as wild bores to save plants, b/c people like the birds that live on the plants better than pigs.

CC CC4 years ago

They keep the bug poplulation in check, eat grass and other herbs from lawns while fertilizing the lawns for free. I Just Cannot Stand These Insaine Human Species!!!

Ed O.

Elaine wrote, How about birth control for feral cats? They are an introduced invasive pest specie that kill more than HALF A BILLION songbirds in the US and ONE BILLION small mammals such as chipmunks, baby squirrels and baby rabbits. Feeding feral cats should be against the law since they kill wildlife and spread diseases that can be transmitted to humans such as rabies and toxoplasmosis. This parasite is in cat feces and can cause brain damage and miscarriage in pregnant women. I heard a rumor that Purina suppressed knowledge of cat birth control that could be put in cat food. Has anyone else heard of this? If you have a cat, keep it indoors