Country Music Star Troy Gentry’s Canned Hunt Video Released by Animal Rights Group

The animal rights group Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) finally won a three year lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over the release of a videotape of country singer Troy Gentry participating in a canned hunt.

In 2004, Troy Gentry, of the band Montgomery Gentry, killed a tame bear named Cubby at the Minnesota Wildlife Connection, in Sandstone, MN owned by Lee Greenly.

Greenly used animals on his preserve for wildlife photography. Unfortunately, when Cubby developed dental problems, Greenly decided to sell Cubby to Gentry for $4,650, rather than pay for any additional expenses Cubby’s healthcare would incur.

Gentry proceeded to shoot Cubby with a bow and arrow from a baited tree stand inside of Cubby’s pen, a one-acre fenced enclosure with an electrified fence. Afterward he turned to the camera and said, “”We’ll let him lay there a little bit, make sure he bleeds out good. It has been a long hunt. Had two beautiful days.”

While Cubby, who had been hit in the lungs was drowning in his own blood, Gentry added, “Wow! What an experience. This is awesome.” All the while lying to the camera playing some delusional role to make himself out to be some manly sportsman conquering the wild.

In 2006, Gentry struck a deal and plead guilty to falsely registering a bear as wild. He was fined $15,000 and received three months of probation. He also had to hand over Cubby’s stuffed body and the bow he used to kill him. In exchange, charges that he violated the Lacey Act, which bans possessing or transporting illegally obtained wildlife, were dropped.

Greenly faced two felony charges of aiding hunters to illegally kill bears at baiting stations, which could have resulted in five years in prison for each count, a $400,000 fine and forfeiture of his all terrain vehicles. He plead guilty, but somehow got off with only probation.

The videotapes of the kill were finally released this week under the Freedom of Information Act.

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ER C.3 years ago

Another pervert that can only get pleasure from killing & posing...& probably the the judge too who allowed Genrty to strike the deal.....p.s. check out Gentry's tounge in the 2ND photo....FETISH.

Karen Z.
Karen Z.3 years ago

You think this useless stain will use the fur, meat and bones? He'll lop off the head and mount it on a wall. Get real. Who needs to hunt these days for survival? it's a hormone problem IMHO

Roseann Sorrentino

but it does suck to have this guy shoot a tamed bear. If it was tamed, why wasn't it tagged?

Roseann Sorrentino

too bad one of PETA's own videos and photos of them THROWING dead animals in garbage bags was releases. I'd rather go hunting, using ALLL the meat, fur and bones, and donating if necessary to people. Hunting is one of the first survivals babies :-D

Tim C.
Tim C.3 years ago


Maureen S.
Maureen S.3 years ago

My contempt for "sportsmen" and "sportswomen" (all laugh here) like Gentry knows no bounds. They're nothing more than vile psychopaths who would be killing people if hunting wasn't legal.

william w.
william walter3 years ago

You worthless son of a bitch. You want a hunting experience? meet me in the woods of your choosing at the time of your choosing and we'll see who walks out, you ball-less wonder.

Karen Z.
Karen Z.3 years ago

Ignorant hillbilly - I hope he dies in the same agony he caused that innocent animal

Eileen S.
Eileen Sewell3 years ago

Cold-hearted bastard.

Heather K.
Heather K.3 years ago

Gentry is no man and certainly no hunter. To murder a tame bear in such an inhumane and shameless way shows him for the perverse power-hungry monster he really is.