Cute Animal Video of the Day: Cat Loves Watermelon More Than Anything

So I guess cats eat fruit. This is news to me. My cat wouldn’t eat a piece of fruit unless it was slathered with bacon grease. Perhaps this cat is more evolved.

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Fi T.
Fi T.3 years ago

It's true for all, especially in hot summer days!

MARINA M.3 years ago

So Cute!

Colin Wright
Past Member 3 years ago

I meant to clarify: I've had 30 cats come through THAT I KEPT. That's not to mention the other hundred+ that I didn't keep permanently.

Colin Wright
Past Member 3 years ago

I've had at least 30 stray cats come through my home since I moved here as a child (I'm 41 and I run a cat rescue out of my home). Many of them loved various veggies and fruits. Cats will eat anything, based on if it's sweet, salty, or other flavors they happen to be craving at the time. The two things most cats seem to not like is sour stuff and spicy stuff, although some will eat the spicy stuff at first (And it's never ok to let them, of course. Just noting that they WILL eat it).

Also, make sure never to let cats eat chocolate.

Terry V.
Terry V.3 years ago


Lady Azayllea
Past Member 3 years ago

So cute!

Pamela K.
Pamela K.3 years ago

When I was growing up we had a cat (also a Persian) that liked cucumbers and cauliflower--raw!

Elisabeth Guss
Elisabethe Guss3 years ago

I have a cat who likes corn on the cob and a friend has a rescue cat who thrived on abandonned fruit from the market and still loves it.

Ulane Vuorio
Ulane V.3 years ago

And the more the others want to eat it too,the better it gets.So cute.One of my dogs likes watermelon too,the other would not even taste it.

Andrea Jarich
Andrea J.3 years ago cute! Thanks for sharing.