Daily Cute: Benny the English Bulldog Puppy Plays Peek-A-Boo

This pup plays an intense game of peek-a-boo. Benny the English bulldog puppy slowly rises up to check out the other side of the table, when he notices his owner and has to hide. At least he knows how to play a great game with his owner.

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Photo credit: Youtube screenshot


Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a year ago

thanks for the article.

Alexandra G.
Alexandra G2 years ago

how cute :)

Rhonda B.
Rhonda B2 years ago

Benny is so cute.

Debbi W.
Debbi -2 years ago

That was cute. I've had only one cat who like to play peek-a-boo. He started the game. He would hide somewhere near the bottom of the stairs and call me. If I didn't find him I'd call olly olly...etc. and he's would appear smiling at me. He'd never been around young children so I have no idea how he learned the game.

Nicole L.
Nicole L2 years ago

Aww. :)

Charlie Rush
Charlene Rush2 years ago

He's a cutie, for sure.

Teresa W.
Teresa W2 years ago

Julia, what do you mean by 'thank you die sharing'?

Teresa W.
Teresa W2 years ago

very cute

Jeaneen A.
Past Member 2 years ago

I woulds turn off the TV and play with this doll.

Val M.
Val M2 years ago