Daily Cute: Golden Retriever Puppies Take Their First Swim

This adorable group of butternut golden retriever puppies are ready for their first swim. They’re all eager to get into the water, and while a few are hesitant to jump in, eventually, they all end up taking a dip!

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Photo Credit: Looksue via YouTube


Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a year ago

thanks for the article.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Donna Ferguson
Donna F.3 years ago

very cute!

Oleg Kobetz
Oleg Kobetz3 years ago

очень хорошо. спасибо.

Oleg Kobetz
Oleg Kobetz3 years ago

очень хорошо. спасибо.

Nora McKellar
Nora M3 years ago

aww they were so adorable, got some risk takers in there lol

heather g.
heather g.3 years ago

Pity all those young pups were separated from their Mom - she could have shown them the way to swim with more confidence....

Manuela C.
Manuela C.3 years ago


Debbie Crandell
Debbie Crandell3 years ago

Very nice video and cute pups. Wish my Yorkie "Lady Bug" and Toy Poodle "Bebe" liked water that much.

Angeles Madrazo
Angeles Madrazo3 years ago

Adorable! Thank you!