Daily Cute: Hidden Camera Reveals Pup’s Musical Talents

This dog has a knack for music, but only when no one’s looking. After receiving noise complaints from neighbors, a family sets up a nanny cam to uncover what’s causing such a racket. What the video captures is actually just their pup singing along to his tunes on the piano!

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Photo credit: Thinkstock


Jim Ven
Jim Ven10 months ago

thanks for the article.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Akash S.
Akash S.2 years ago

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Akash S.2 years ago

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Sheri Schongold
Sheri Schongold2 years ago

He has a very good voice.

Alicia B.
Alicia B.2 years ago

That dog is so cute!! I hope my dog also has this talent. It is really nice that they have that camera to capture that moment. -http://www.spygadgets.com/

Virginia Abreu de Paula

As I have already said thousand of times it would be interesting if people who send the cute videos would explain about what we are going to see. Otherwise there will always be people who will say the animais are being mistreated. They just can't see anything with sense of humor. Okay, maybe he is anxious. But maybe he is not! It's quite possible the dog has a gift for music and he is singing the blues, come on. People sing, why can't dog sing? Why judging the owners, as if they didn't care, without knowing the facts? It would be different if the comment was only a suggetion but not denying it is indeed cute Yes, it si very cute, Indeed it is cute! LOL Suppose he wants to catch the attention for a reason...What a cute way he found to call their attention. And it's what this video is supposed to be. Cute. And it is.

Alicia N.
Alicia N.2 years ago

awwwwwwwww just adorable .....!