Daily Cute: Madeline the Dachshund Meets Toy Dachshund

Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 favorite, back by popular demand. It was originally posted on August 29, 2014. Enjoy!

Looks like this dachshund has found her look-a-like! Madeline the dachshund’s owner sets a toy version on the floor, and after some investigation, it seems like she wants the toy to run around and play with her.

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Photo credit: Youtube screenshot


Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallus7 months ago

Thank you for sharing!

Julia Oleynik
Julia Oleynik10 months ago

Adorable:) Thank You for sharing

Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller11 months ago

Thanks, made me smile...

Fi T.
Fi T.11 months ago

Be gentle to animals like the toy

luna starr
luna starr12 months ago

wonder what our harriet would do? too cute

Marion Friedl
Marion Friedl12 months ago

AHAHAHAHAHA, "why the heck doesn´t this thing want to play with me?"

Paulinha Russell
Paulinha Russell12 months ago

:-) Thanks

Beth O'Brien
Beth O'Brien12 months ago


Ruth S.
Ruth C.about a year ago

So sweet!

Jane R.
Jane R.about a year ago

Too silly, but cute.