Daily Cute: Napping Kitties Tumble Out of Their Home

It’s nap time for this pair of fuzzy cats, who topple over and out of their home before finally dozing off.

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Photo Credit: Funny Cats and Nice Fish


Jim Ven
Jim Ven7 months ago

thanks for the article.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Nicole H.
Nicole L.2 years ago


Edgar Zuim
Edgar Zuim2 years ago

So cute.... Zzzzzzzz!

Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller2 years ago

cute kittens

Donna Ferguson
Donna F.2 years ago

adorable! ty

Susanne P.
Susanne P.2 years ago

This is soooo cute !

Cathleen K.
Cathleen K.2 years ago

Too cute.

Sonia Minwer-Barakat Requ

So sweet and cute,thanks for sharing

Intan Surya Dawood