Daily Cute: Puppy Christmas Adventures in the Snow

Before getting too far into spring, let’s take a moment to remember the magic of the holiday season (and rejoice in the coming warmth). Watch this family of rescued puppies decked out in Christmas attire play house together in a makeshift igloo. It may be snowing, but these adorable pups would warm anyone’s heart.

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for the article.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson3 years ago

My "Awe" moment has been satisfied. Now back to "saving" a tiny piece of the world.

Lacey Jo
Lacey Jo3 years ago

So cute, thanks for sharing :)

Jennifer H.
Jennifer H3 years ago

Puppies/dogs and Christmas. There is nothing better. Would have been better a few months ago!

Kamia T.
Kamia T3 years ago

I hated seeing small pups around glass ornaments and with things they could chew on that could come off and go down their windpipes or block their stomachs. That being said, since this was obviously completely stage for the filming, very cute. I can still remember our oldest dog, who we did rescue as a pup, the first time she saw snow. Magical.

Suheyla C.
Süheyla C3 years ago

so cute Thank you

Manuela C.
Manuela C3 years ago

Such cute puppies!

Jo Jo
Jo Jo3 years ago

Adorable puppies! They seem to be enjoying themselves and having alot of fun!

Dale O.

Puppies know how to have fun in all seasons.

Agreed, Alan L, lol! Now it is Spring and many areas are seeing rain which helps to melt the white stuff.