Daily Cute: Tummy Kisses

These kisses are supposed to be sweet, but they’re making Libby the kitty feisty!

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Sheri D.
Sheri D3 years ago

so cute!

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Melania Padilla
Melania Padilla3 years ago


Betty Slovinski
Past Member 3 years ago

I wish everyone who has a pet could take a course in animal behavior. This kitten is in stress and the two people harassing it have absolutely no idea. Wake up folks animal behavior is specific and is not just a replica of human behavior. Learn the signs of stress!!!!!

Mary B.
Mary B3 years ago

I agree, very cute, but once the paws and hind feet came up and claws came out, that means "STOP IT". Respect your kitties signals or they will lose trust in you.

Edgar Zuim
Edgar Zuim3 years ago

I love cats.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener3 years ago

Zo'n liefje!

Joan S.
Joan S3 years ago

I shouldn't watch these things so cute yet agree not good to force them into a situation they don't like and can't get out of.

Virginia Belder
Virginia Belder3 years ago


Anita Dedat
Anita Dedat3 years ago

Sugar!!! Sweet!!! Awesome!!! *love*