Dairy Industry Wants to Spike Milk with Aspartame (And Not Tell You)

Kids like flavored milk. Too many kids today are overweight and don’t exercise enough if at all. Let’s make chocolate and strawberry-flavored milk with artificial sweeteners that have no calories and let’s keep it quiet about this because “aspartame” is not a kid-friendly word.

I don’t mean to put words into people’s mouths but, after learning that the dairy industry has petitioned the FDA to put aspartame in milk but not label it, one wonders if such thoughts have ever passed through some dairy industry executive’s head.

The rationale is that the omission will “more easily identify [the milk's] overall nutritional value.” That’s a rather puzzling statement: not mentioning everything in a food or beverage product would instead make it more difficult to figure out its nutritional value. Plus, aspartame can be dangerous for some including children with PKU (phnylketonuria, a rare condition in which a baby is born unable to break down the amino acid phenylalanine). Concealing the addition of aspartame could endanger some children’s health.

Back in 2009, the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) filed a petition requesting that the FDA “amend the standard of identity for milk.” The petition asked the FDA to allow the use of “any safe and suitable” sweetener for milk. It also requested that the FDA amend the “standards of identity” for 17 other milk and cream products — sweetened condensed milk, whipping cream, yogurt and eggnog. All of these should be allowed to have “safe and suitable” sweeteners, according to the dairy groups.

Specifically, the dairy groups requested that the FDA

…allow optional characterizing flavoring ingredients used in milk (e.g. chocolate flavoring added to milk) to be sweetened with any safe and suitable sweetener – including non-nutritive sweeteners such as aspartame.

FDA regulations currently only allow milk products to contain “nutritive sweeteners” (those with calories), which the agency generally recognizes as safe.

According to the IDFA and NMPF, the proposed amendments “would promote more healthful eating practices and reduce childhood obesity by providing for lower-calorie flavored milk products.” Milk sweetened with aspartame or other additives may have less sugar but consuming products with fewer calories does not necessarily mean one’s diet is healthier. Some people are more likely to consume more of a product that is packaged as “low-calorie.” Even more, is the milk industry trying to make more products (with lower amounts of sugar) that adhere to new regulations for school lunches?

In their petition, the IDFA and the NMPF  contend that not letting consumers know about all the ingredients in milk will lead to “honesty and fair dealing in the marketplace.” Given the recent horse meat scandal in Europe, food manufacturers everywhere should be focusing on greater accuracy in their labels and more transparency, not less. Consumers need to know what they (and certainly children) are consuming.

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Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a year ago

thanks for sharing.

Allyson D.
Allyson Dalton4 years ago

Basically the reason why they are putting poisons in our food and drink is to depopulate,its been going on for a while and the reason we dont hear about it much is because the government covers it up.They even change the Enumbers around so you think you are not having E110 for example when you are.Aspartame is nothing when you check out all the other poisons in our foods.

Elizabeth Sowers
Liz Sowers4 years ago

Aspartame is a poison. Watch "Sweet Misery" which will show how it was allowed to be used in food and drinks.

Liling O4 years ago

Frustratingly outraged by this news, however when we sit down and thin, it is not that surprising after all, since most supermarkets and businesses are resorting to chemical preservatives to cut down on wastage and most importantly to cut costs.

Blame it in the overpopulated human expansion on Earth.

When there is a demand, the manufacturers will always come up with ideas for quick-production and earning huge profits from consumers like us

Waltraud U.
Waltraud U4 years ago

The chem industry needs more sick people for their profit and the gov more taxes from the people buy the medicines....

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill4 years ago

Why in the world would they want to put aspartame in our milk? The chemicals in it are completely toxic. And then let our children drink it? Crazy!

Donna D.
Donna Dummann4 years ago

I am allergic to aspartame and have it listed in my health records. I do not use any products that have artificial sweeteners in them. The USA is the only country , as far as I know, that has not banned the use of aspartame because of the problems it causes.

Don Swanz
Don Swanz4 years ago

Aspartame in milk? Absolute and total BS on the part of the dairy/milk industry and as if they are not already spiking our milk. We already have 2%, 1% and "no fat" milk with added sweeteners. BIG $$$ strikes again. Enough is enough. Absolutely no more milk for me. I'm sticking to my craft beers, red wines and assorted spirits. Does anyone know which of those goes good with cereal? Don :-))

Brenda M.
Brenda M4 years ago

Yes, this is truly one of the most upsetting things I have heard in recent news.
The FDA itself had banned aspartame twice before.... but then snuck it through. They know it is a toxic, unhealthful, useless chemical additive causing a long list of afflictions and maladies. The FDA does NOT care about keeping people healthy. Corporations care not about keeping people healthy. I truly think there is a lot going on here and more and more people are starting to believe that depopulation is the ultimate goal. Corporations make billions while the burden of overpopulation is addressed at the same time. Convenient. What food has become is appalling.

Libby Manis-Haynes

I am not surprised by this information but I am outraged. Aspartame is poison simple as that. Causes all kinds of health problems from headaches to brain damage. I still don't understand how it can still be legally sold. Well duh, of course I do. It makes money for some big corporation so damn the consequences. I for one want to know every single ingredient that is in anything that goes into my body so I have a choice. Besides if I want to kill myself I'd like to choose the way.