Dear Santa: Please Stop Deportations

It’s good to know that the US Post Office offered postmarks from the North Pole again this year! But not all kids are waiting for replies from the North Pole — some were waiting for replies from Washington, DC.

According to the Applied Research Center’s report “Shattered Families,” more than 5,000 minors born to immigrants are living in foster care because their parents have been deported from the US. The Center estimates that under current government policy, another 15,000 minors will be placed in foster care within the next five years.

The National Domestic Workers Alliance and 30+ partner organizations coordinated the “We Belong Together” campaign. The coalition collected more than 5,000 “Dear President Obama” and “Dear Congress” letters from young people directly effected by the deportations, as well as young people who have learned about the issue and want to keep immigrant families together here in the US. The campaign launched November 15th and wrapped up on December 8th.

On December 8th, a delegation of young people and supporters hand-delivered the 5,000+ letters to more than 50 congressional offices on Capitol Hill and spoke with staff about the impact of immigration policies on kids. The next day, another delegation representing “We Belong Together” attended the National Immigration Law Center’s luncheon plenary “A Dialogue with Key Policymakers,” held on Capitol Hill. Monica Ramirez, Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division at the US Department of Justice was in attendance at the event. She promised to deliver the letters to the White House.

This holiday season I am thankful for all youth who continue to have hope, organize and have the courage to speak out about the issues that are important to them.


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Nancy L.
Nancy L.4 years ago

If the parents are here illegally, why don't they send their kids with them?? Now we're stuck taking care of them.

Terry King
Terry King4 years ago

It is gratifying to see that so many posters have seen through the biased and sensationalist

Debra Holliday
Debra Holliday4 years ago

In the 50's all of us children 9 and up would go work in the fields. This is how we bought our school clothes for the year. It not only made us learn responsibility, but also the need for community to help harvest the food for the next year. When the migrant workers started complaining that there wasn't enough work for them, that is when the labor law for children came about and now our children have difficulty finding work in the summers. We kids didn't always like having to get up at 4:30 a.m. and working in the hot sun until 3:00, but we learned alot from it.

bob m.
bob m.4 years ago

@ Terry; Yes ..I agree.....I remember the days as a child on a 150 acre farm watching the harvest season as the old wood stove worked away on a feast of fresh wonderful meals cooked by the neighbour wives and men took turns doing the shared helps seasonally in the fields...the hay wagons pitched high with stukes arranged carefully or the many other harvest labours we all were blessed in.
Things were smaller then; people were fairly poor in many ways but I still remember the feelings,smells , tastes, sights of a slower, richer life represented by the sound of Rex and Maude, our 2 great belgian draught horses as they were led lovingly past me in or out of their barn; the straps , the great hooves, the bits in their mouths, leather and long lead reigns.
It feels long past now and what remains is so precious and unappreciated..... Thanks to all you farmers like that .. I really appreciate these memories and sorrow for all the "industrial" hustles that have devoured a lifestyle so very meaningful, simple and healthy.

Terry King
Terry King4 years ago

There are no jobs that Americans will not do. We just won't do them for slave wages! We have no need for "guest workers" We have plenty of unemployed American workers. Oh... And thanks for bringing your drug war with you!

Ernest R.
Ernest R.4 years ago

@ -Thom L---“Have a heart, it's Christmas.” Yes, it is. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and sponsor some Mexican families to come to find refuge in the UK. At the same time you can petition your government to arrange for Mexican immigration, Their ten child families can be a balance for the multiple child Muslim families you are now being blessed with.

Ernest R.
Ernest R.4 years ago

@ Diane F…No, our government does not need to find places for them. THEIR government needs to find places for them. Of course it is difficult to find places for ten child families in a country full of ten child families. In their position I too would try to find a better place than the rat hole of Mexico, but I would have no complaint coming if my illegal status led to my deportation. “Children, no matter how we feel about our politics, should be our first concern.” Apparently they were not the first concern of their parents. The children left behind would have been born in the US of really irresponsible parents and should have accompanied their parents back to Mexico. Latinos really have to learn to understand the evils of overpopulation. They wont as long as their overpopulation is subsidized in the US. Ps, hate has nothing to do with it.

Michael C.
Michael C.4 years ago

Diane F, I moved to the states to escape the drug/cartel war, it seems that my name was found on a list at a safe house. Time to go, which meant that I had to abandon my business and my work.

I arrived to the states, to find that you folks have your own form war, a war on the middle class, and even worse for those teetering on that fine line known as poverty.

Here in Arizona, G4S Security, formerly Wackenhut, their buses ply the highways 24/7, it seems that some months ago they would be full. Today, no one, it appears Govs "catch and release" is down 97%.

Why not return, where are the jobs, and what is worse, they are returning to Mexico to find that there are few jobs there as well.

There use to be a worker program and it functioned quite well, yet Washington acts as though they need to create a program from nothing. Why can't they resurrect the old one and tweak it a touch. After all, in many cases, we are talking about jobs that Americans will not do.

Terry King
Terry King4 years ago

That is a reasonable plan so long as American workers are given iron clad guaranteed preference and industry is forced to pay prevailing wage!

bob m.
bob m.4 years ago

Temporary reasonably waged and controlled Agri. worker visas ....with an enforcable exit provision.... class A,B,C if needed as in licences.... no citizen ship or family movement ties included. All application to be made in home country... All employers to be registered and audited regularly.Serious consequences for either employees or employers .