Dear Women, Conservatives Want You Constantly Pregnant

A judge in Indiana has ruled that there will be no restraining order against a new law in the state banning Planned Parenthood from receiving public funding — funding for the most part being provided by the federal government, not the state.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, a Republican known for stating that it was time for focusing on the economy and passing a “truce” on social issues before the GOP began pushing him into running for the presidential nomination, signed a ban on funding for Planned Parenthood even though he was told that by cutting off their funding, the state was likely to also lose an additional $1 million in funding that would go to other providers that aren’t Planned Parenthood, all of whom are working together to provide reduced cost reproductive services like STI testing and birth control for women and men who could not afford it otherwise.

Most people recognize that financial assistance for birth control is an issue that benefits both the women and men; It helps and society in general, by reducing unintended pregnancies.  There’s just one problem.  We’ve been making the assumption that conservatives also want to stop unplanned pregnancies.

We were wrong.  They don’t.  They want women to have as many babies as possible.

Sounds crazy, right?  After all, this is 2011.  We live in a time where we believe women should have the rights to the same opportunities as men and, if they choose, can be be mothers as well as pursue careers, dreams and other avenues for their talents, too.

But many groups believe that women have an obligation to make babies.  That it is their role, and they quite literally owe it to society.  And they are the groups who are lobbying and pushing the radical Republican agenda that has turned into a non-stop war on women.

American Life League is one such group, and a powerful one at that, and has been the driving force behind the campaign to defund Planned Parenthood.  Republicans have been pretending that the reason they want to defund it is because taxpayers “shouldn’t have to give money to a group that provides abortions,” even if that money is never used for that service.  But Republicans are lying.  That’s not why they want Planned Parenthood defunded.  They want it defunded so poor women will be forced to have children.

From ALL’s latest blog post:

Basic economics dictate that the economy is driven by people — people who produce and consume products. People are our greatest resource, a blessing, not a curse….When the population pyramid reverses because a society reaches below replacement level fertility, there will not be enough younger people to support the aging population or to sustain the economy, resulting in eventual economic collapse.

The next time you read a quote from a Planned Parenthood official bragging about how giving your hard-earned tax dollars to the nation’s largest abortion chain saves you money, write a letter to the editor pointing out that Planned Parenthood is completely overlooking the contributions – economic and otherwise — those missing children would have made to our society, while it attempts to eliminate poverty by eliminating the children of the poor.

They are right — poor women are the target.  They are the target of a greedy conservative movement that wants them to reproduce literally to provide cheap labor, labor made even cheaper as they cut mandatory minimum wage laws, collective bargaining and paid leave.  The more women they can deny birth control to, the more they can “sustain the economy” with a workforce brought into existence only to support the “aging population,” birthed by a generation of women who had no other choice because they had every other option stripped from them by a party that claims it is protecting them.


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LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Barbara U.
Barbara U5 years ago

I am so sick of the GOP IMPOSING thier views on the rest of us. Planned Parenthood and the like have done so much more to prevent unwanted pregnacies and abortions than so-called pro-lifers thru family planning, making contraceptives available, etc. By imposing thier agenda, there will be an increase in unwanted pregnacies and backroom abortions with coat hangers.

But it seems they also ulterior motives besides preventing abortions, and it makes sense if you look at the big picture.

The GOP are always spewing how they want govenment out of thier business, but have no problem imposing thier backwards views on the rest of us in the most intimate of ways.

There is already an overpopulation problem that is just going to get worse - soon we will be fighting over clean water instead of oil. Many people live in poverty and barely scrape by - what kind of life is that for a child. Family planning is a tool that we can use to avoid this.

Mercedes Lackey
Mercedes Lackey5 years ago

The Repiglicans and TeaBaggers want us all back in 1850. No abortion or contraception, no workers right or safety laws, no child labor laws, no minimum wage laws. Tie women to a round of endless pregnancy to create cannon fodder for endless wars, and expendable "operating parts" for dangerous manufacturing jobs. Life in the US will be a two tier system--at the top the robber barons and corporate tycoons, at the bottom, their serfs, living in squalor and poverty.

Don't worry about Social Security and Medicare; if you're in that tiny top tier, you won't need it, and if you are in the bottom tier, you won't live long enough to get it.

Paul Diamond
Paul Diamond5 years ago

Corporatists have always been virtual slave traders. Corporations are the slave owners.

Amber T.
Amber T5 years ago

I call that, Sex Slavery.

Paul Diamond
Paul Diamond6 years ago

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Planned Parenthood and other agencies get a couple of hundred million dollars to provide womens health services.
Unintended pregnancies cost the taxpayers 5-11 billion dollars a year. It doesn't take a rocket scientist.

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik6 years ago

Sharon - aren't you being just a bit cagey here? On the one hand you say it is not the mission of the American Life League to keep people in poverty. Then you say that the ALL believes that life begins at conception (when egg & sperm meet) - Anything after this would constitute an abortion in your mind. Then you add that many forms of birth control (by this I assume you mean hormonal) are actually abortificants because they prevent implantation. By this line of reasoning, it seems that what you really want is for each sex act to result in a pregnancy. That you are for life but it is for fetal life - not for the mother's life, not for any children who are already here but just making sure the fetus gets born.
If each pregnancy MUST be brought to term because of this sacred little fetus - then how long is it before poverty occurs? Already there are too many lives on this earth & children not being fed, clothed or educated. It is getting worse as safety nets are being cut in order to give tax breaks to the wealthiest people in our nation. If you personally don't believe in abortion except under certain circumstances or even just no abortion at all - fine. No one is going to force you to have one...Each woman should be allowed to make that decision for themselves..No one should be forcing them to carry a baby to term either.

Sharon Beth Long
Sharon Beth Long6 years ago

I am a progressive on economic and military policy but I have been active in the right-to-life movement for 25 years. Although I disagree with certain principles and strategies of the American Life League what the blogger says about it makes assumptions which are downright untrue. When the American Life League talks that children, including poor children, will make a contribution to society it is just trying to say that children including children on the poor should not been seen as superfluous consumers draining society. The American Life League DOES NOT have any agenda whatsoever to keep large numbers of people in lower economic classes to maintain a cheap labor pool for the rich! With regard to birth control their objection has nothing to do with the idea that a poor woman's main job is to reproduce. The American Life League believes that human life begins at conception and all human life is a person. Since many birth control methods destroy or have the potential to destroy an embryo after conception they are actually abortifacient. In addition they believe that birth control may lead to a cultural climate where fetal abortions become acceptable. If a couple has sex without being open to any new life that might result from birth control failure then abortion will be more likely used as a backup.

Suzette L.
Suzette L6 years ago

I've been saying it! I'm glad people are figuring it out finally! The Republican agenda is to keep us from living longer (no universal healthcare), keep us having babies to provide more workers to compensate for dying young (defund birth control programs), to eliminate unions (cheap labor), and eliminate public schooling (keep us ignorant so we don't understand what is being done to us & can't articulate what's wrong). Spread the word - keep up the efforts to stop them whenever possible. GRRRLLLL POWER!!!