Debunk Climate Change Deniers with Your Phone!

Global warming: it’s a myth, a crock, a conspiracy of evil scientists scrounging for more grant money, a World Government socialist takeover plot, a latte liberal’s loony lark, and hey, look, it’s cold out today! We’ve all been there, faced with climate change skeptics who are just dying to argue with any action designed to reduce the damage that human activity is causing to the planet and its inhabitants.  The next time you’re faced with a climate change skeptic,  you can have a mass of carefully worded, authoritative responses in the palm of your hand: as long as you own an iPhone. That is the concept behind the Skeptical Science iPhone application that debuted last month (it’s free on iTunes.) Interestingly, it’s categorized under “Weather” –I guess the folks at Apple didn’t set up a “Climate” category!

The goal of Skeptical Science is to explain what peer reviewed science has to say about global warming. Skeptical Science is not affiliated with any organization;  it is maintained by John Cook, an Australian who studied physics and is quick to confirm that he is not a climate scientist and that this project is a labor of love.

The app divides deniers’ arguments into three broad categories: It’s Not Happening; Its Not Us; and It’s Not Bad. Each category then has a list of “Skeptic Arguments” such as “Temp Record is Unreliable” and a detailed write-up of what the science says, along with links for further reading. All research findings are taken directly from peer reviewed scientific literature, with links to full papers throughout. The app is well designed and lively, but it’s no t-shirt slogan monger: each argument debunking the skeptics goes into detail, with charts and citations.

Skeptical Science points to a fundamental error of most climate change deniers: by focusing on narrow parts of the puzzle, such as a cold winter season in one part of the world (weather), they dismiss the broader picture of global warming (climate). This extrapolation of a pattern from random events is a classic debating tactic, and it has certainly been successful of late.

A nifty feature of the application allows users to report each time they hear a particular argument against global warming. In the long run this could be a very interesting way of monitoring the effectiveness of global warming skeptics’ campaigns. In the current version, the phone only shows the arguments that each user has reported, but anyone can go here to see which arguments are reported most often. Today, “Temp record is unreliable” is the winner, with 7.6% of all the votes.

Don’t have an iPhone? You can still check out all the counter-skeptic arguments on the Skeptical Science website.  Not as cool, perhaps, but cooler than the planet is going to be if we don’t act soon.

Photo: Two polar bears, arguing for their very existence.
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LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article.

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Helen P.
Helen P.6 years ago

Angela also commented on the absence of my profile. Well i don't need a profile to exist! i'm my own person; people will know me by my words. Profiles are made so we can be put into boxes and catagorised!

i'm in the 'doesn't believe in our global warming hoax' box!

Helen P.
Helen P.6 years ago

oops! i wondered where that message went!

apologies to Angela C - a slip of the hand it seems.

HOWEVER, God has everything to do with this as He's the one who created this beautiful world!

The so called 'civilised' western nations have trashed this world with their industrialsation, robbing the native people of Africa of and america of their natural resources, to feed their greed - and the robbery continues today!

The ingidionous populations nurtured the land. Westoners brought ruin and disease to the indiginous people and their lands.

Polluters in every way!!!

Now, they are trying to get the sheeple of this world, mostly westerners, to believe a myth so they can steal even more!

climate change is natural - read your history, ancient civilisations and people who live close to the land have always had to adapt to the changes.

pollution is a fact - western so called civilisatons have created filth as a by-product of their unnatural way of life; a life contrary to Gods laws.

control - this is what the global warming leaders want - spying on our bins, producing toll roads. The next thing will be the introduction of a carbon currency. you just wait and see. Complete control is what the elite want, and people who feel all virtuous about being so green (in every sense of the word) but who don't understand the game, will end up giving them the right to enslave us all!

Have a nice day

Gunter K.
.6 years ago

My last post seems to have evaporated into the "ether", so I'm going to repost, with a bit of improvement:

Ruth Barrett-

You just have to know where to look! Follow the bread crumbs. Think about it (it's all there in the secret code in the IPCC report- why do you think it's 4 vol. when only 2 out of the scores of scientists have the right answer): All these polar bears now roaming around unable to reach ice floes because GW isn't happening and the chicken industry is producing millions and millions of entrails that they don't know what to do with. And there is HAARP pulsing megawatts at the ionosphere! Isn't it obvious?

The chemtrails point to the answer!


Heinz K.
.6 years ago

Thanks, Doctor V!
Great article!
They are poisoning their own people? - worldwide?
And such, increasing to raise temperature?

And blaming individuals being responsible for such?
There are some 1.250.000 search results at on Chemtrailing in the net. What a topic...

Would you, please further explain?
Thus would prove their bias towards human live and esteem.

Our children!
Getting poisoned too.

Please, do not give up, informing us on event and the causes of Chemtrailing us.
And: What can we do against this aggression?

Veritas vos liberabit
Heinz Ketchup, Naturheilt

Heinz K.
.6 years ago

dear, Ruth Barrett
I am sore to repost comments on that, so please would you go to the bottom of this page, klick to "view all... comments" and/or read other postings in GW blogs?

I will carry on, informing people as Global Warming is a hoax - only. Thus does not oppose our green thinking and awareness towards poluting our sacrified Mother Earth.
See my profile, and enjoy a 20` vid about "the stuff": An eye opener...
Thanks for participiating such a most emotional GW topic!

Vertias vos liberabit
Heinz Ketchup, Naturheilt