DiCaprio says “This Is Our Moment” for Clean Energy

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is telling America that “This Is Our Moment” and perhaps people should listen–he is “King of the World,” after all.

In what Rolling Stone has dubbed “the best PSA ever,” DiCaprio is joined by other stars (Jason Bateman, Forest Whitaker, Edward Norton, Felicity Huffman, Justin Long, Emmy Rossum and Chace Crawford) who share his convictions about climate change and clean energy.

DiCaprio and company are behind an initiative to urge the Senate to pass the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act. Originally introduced in Sept. 2009 by Senators John Kerry and Barbara Boxer, President Obama emphasized the importance of this piece of legislation during last week’s State of the Union Address. The President stated that “[his] administration is deeply committed to passing a bill that creates new American jobs and the clean energy incentives that foster innovation.”

The future of America’s role in securing clean energy technology is a hot debate in both Hollywood and Washington. Just watch Justin Long as he takes off his pants in his PSA, due to what he says is the rising heat from global warming.

A more energy efficient America is not just up to celebrities and politicians, however. People are taking action in several different ways to support clean energy, including opposing the “Dirty Air Act” proposed by Senator Murkowski and finding simple ways to make their lives greener

Tell us what you think about the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act and what you’re doing to support greener living.

Photo Courtesy of Istockphoto.com
By Erika Oglesby

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Kristen R.
Kristen R.5 years ago

Way to go Leo :-)

Elaine Dixon
Elaine Dixon5 years ago

great idea, hopefully we will continue to strive in that direction

Dhaval M.
Dhaval M.6 years ago

that seems like a great idea, thanks!

Amanda H.
Amanda H.6 years ago

This is great news. DiCaprio has been using his fame to raise awareness about the pressing issue of global climate change. I wish there were more celebs like him. Props to Leo. Thanks for a great article.

Heather B.
Past Member 6 years ago

Interesting article; thanks, Erika.

Tam M.
Tam M.6 years ago

Nice one Leonardo! People reckon u also do the single most planet saving action an individual can do ie u follow the vegan diet! Good on ya!!! Talented and caring xxx

Alicia Nuszloch
Alicia N.6 years ago

Way to go Leonardo, not just handsome and good actor, HUMANITARIAN WORK!!!! Thanks.

SANJA v.6 years ago

Thanks Leo we need you!

Trish R.
Trish R.6 years ago

Go Leo !!

Carol Lawrence
Carol L.6 years ago