Dispatches From The War On Women: GOP Can’t Change The Topic


Welcome to Dispatches, your round-up of the latest news from the frontlines of the War on Women. Have a story from your state or an idea on how to push back? Share them here and fight back against the War on Women.

Today marks the first day or oral arguments in the constitutional challenges to the Affordable Care Act. And here’s a reminder about how important health care reform is to women.

In related news, Alabama becomes the latest state to challenge the Obama administration’s birth control mandate under the Affordable Care Act

In Wisconsin, Rep. Don Pridemore has some helpful words of advice for domestic abuse survivors: just stick it out. Think about the good times together.

In Illinois, as a mandatory ultrasound bill advanced Democrats got smart about how to fight back.

If these ultrasound bills pass and doctors continue to oppose them, is civil disobedience the next front in the battle?

Minnesota Republicans are advancing their own anti-choice agenda as bills banning “webcam” abortions and another TRAP bill advance out of committee.

Native American women are also battling for access to contraception and affordable reproductive health care.

The political strategy of attacking women’s rights has become so toxic that at least one Republican congressman has advised women to start supporting Democrats. The latest polling suggests that is exactly what is happening.

Which naturally leads to this question: are women turning the tide on this anti-women legislation?

That might explain why Republicans are desperately trying to change the narrative to one where they are the victims.

It’s not just women’s reproductive rights under attack. The six jobs with the largest gender gap in pay live on Wall Street and women are still shut out from the top spots at universities and colleges.

Meanwhile in Vogue one woman publicly humiliates her 7-year-old daughter who is on a diet and one Arizona Safeway decided that Jessica Simpson’s pregnant belly on the cover of Elle magazine was too lewd to be seen.

Come back tomorrow for another round-up of the latest news and commentary on the War on Women. So long as the battle rages, we’ll cover the latest, so please check back!


Photo from NS Newsflash via flickr.


William Y.
William Y4 years ago

@ Jack C. You are either stupid, blind or have been brainwashed by the TEAidiot apologetics of the 1%. No war on Women? Bah. There is re is a Republican war on women, workers, the elderly the disabled, military veterans and anyone else who isn't part of the asinine1%.

Jack C.
Jack C.4 years ago

Jessica,There is no Republican war of women. The Democrats starting with Obama want to continue and expand the killing of babies.

Frances C.
Frances C4 years ago

Vote for women's rights.
Vote for workers rights.
Vote for health care rights.
Vote for equal rights.

Vote Democratic.

Obama/Biden 2012

Frances C.
Frances C4 years ago

The insurance industry is just another big business that has bought and paid for the Republican party. Big oil, large corporations, Wall Street, financial institutes are a few more who are part owners of the Republican Congress. What the rest of us have to fight back are the people, but it is hard, and takes a lot of effort to combat all that wealth. What we have also, is our Unions, which the Republicans are trying to crush. They are trying even to stop our votes. There is blatant voter suppression going on right now. If the Republican right wing of the Supreme Court overturns the Affordable Health Care Act, more people will be without any health care, more will die, more will stay sick. Health care reform will be dead for another twenty years before someone has the guts to try again. It won't be the Republicans.

joe M.
joe MARTINEZ4 years ago

Marsha: In a nut shell, the GOP party is the spoke person for the insurance companies. How blind some public's can be. The party of the rich through and through deny it as you wish, but the facts are evident that your misguided attack on women's rights are the insurance companies acts.

joe M.
joe MARTINEZ4 years ago

Elizabeth: This is true, now is the time for women like yourself to unite and pull your sisters away from the Conservative party that are opposing women rights to make decisions concerning thier health and reproduction issues. Just consider the power women would have if you were all united. The Pope a man and others alike could be told to take a hike and leave my body to myself.

Carol B.
Carol Byram4 years ago

Joe M.:
I have the evil fortune to live in Arizona, and even worse fortune to live in Tucson. Arizona is a fascist, oppressive state for many reasons which I won't go into now, it's about 3 in the morning here. Long story short, incredibly, I shopped at the Safeway that censored the Elle magazine cover with the pregnant Jessica Simpson cover. I asked a cashier if that was the Safeway that made national news for putting cardboard over the magazine cover. Her eyes got all squinchy and she got all cagey and couldn't answer yes or no, just said she didn't know. As if an employee there wouldn't know if it made national news or not. I didn't see the magazine at all at that point, and when I pointed that out she said that it had been turned around so the cover wouldn't show. Then the cashier said she found it very offensive. Needless to say I don't shop there anymore. I was good and pissed off.
Arizona is also a labor-bashing state, WIth the low wages here, I'll never be able to afford to leave, in case anyone wonders why I don't just leave.
In fact, icing on the cake, one of the most offensive trolls on this website the other day hails from Arizona.

Elizabeth Irby
Elizabeth Irby4 years ago

Between the idiot Republicans and the Catholic Church they equal shit heads. This group of weirdos need a good kick in the ass. Men are so used to bullying women it makes me sick. Women need to address women issues not men.

joe M.
joe MARTINEZ4 years ago

Steve: These are the dumb women we need to educate about what's in store for them if the GOP gets in.

joe M.
joe MARTINEZ4 years ago

Marianne: Regardless who the dumb shit was that place the card board over her PG belly, it demonstrates that we're surrounded by bigots and idiots that can not recognize beauty when it's in front them. Nothing is more beautiful then a pregnant women performing her designated duty and showing her belly denotes she's proud and happy about her pregnance.