Dispatches From The War On Women: Poor Women Get No Choice

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Mitt Romney would like to be clear about something: being a stay-at-home mom is a choice that demands respect when a rich woman chooses it. Other mothers need to know the “dignity of work” that comes from working a job outside the home and raising children by themselves.

Not surprisingly, Romney offered a pretty lame clarification for believing only poor single mothers shouldn’t have the option of staying home with their children.

Poor women have, without a doubt, suffered the greatest attacks from the right, so it is good news that the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure reinstated funding Planned Parenthood. Over 130,000 women received cancer screens as a result of that funding stream, and the Catholic Bishops and Republicans want to take that away.

The Bishops also plan on disobeying the health care mandate, no matter what the Supreme Court rules.

In Iowa Republican lawmakers want to drug test any woman seeking child support while lawmakers in Rhode Island push for mandatory ultrasounds.

Former Michigan Congressman Pete Hoekstra wants to create jobs by repealing the “nuisance” of pay equity laws. According to Hoekstra, when a business does not have the liberty to freely discriminate it hurts the bottom line. Or something.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) makes the pro-choice argument on Meet The Press, while arguing against President Obama as a “health care dictator.”

Here is one Oklahoman putting her state’s assault on women’s rights in some context.

One of the reasons why reproductive rights are economic rights is so women don’t have to think of a diamond ring as “insurance.”

It would be helpful if the mainstream media stopped reporting baseless surveys like this one claiming that, if given a choice between bigger boobs and practically anything, women would choose bigger boobs. It’s not a real survey and it’s not news.

Here’s a powerful read from the New York Times on what it was like when women could access abortion care without being called a slut. Abortion care. Not contraception. Look no further for proof that women’s rights are in a free fall.

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Photo from Ed Yourdon via flickr.


Sue H.
.5 years ago

Ladies, stand up for your rights and do not a bunch of idiotic old white men take anything away from you.

Beth K.
.5 years ago

The only way women have been irresponsible, is by letting men get away with this stuff for so long. Time to end the rule of old white men - all they do is mess things up anyway.

Pat Mencke
Pat Mencke5 years ago

Frank Y., please enumerate the ways in which women are irresponsible.

Pat Mencke
Pat Mencke5 years ago

T.L.H., men do stand up for themselves, that is, they stand up for the fat, inadequate, white men and to hell with every other man around.

They destroyed our economy and for lack of character they wouldn't admit their mistakes and set about correcting their mistakes. And there is a reason. The last time a Party did something as stupid as the stupid "old boy's club" did, there party was out of power for 20 years.

These guys are desperate. So much so they dredged the bottom of the barrel and produced the Tea Party that they now can't control. The Republicans haven't produced one bill that didn't hurt the poor, women, jobs, children. The House is stuffed with people who want to bring Obama down (racism), bring the Country down (totally embocilic), bring women down (because they have to be superior than SOMEONE) and turn America into a putocracy/theocracty dominated by the worst segment of white men this Country has ever produced.

Don't waste any votes on the Libertarians, ladies, we have a fight of our lives on our hands.

Pat Mencke
Pat Mencke5 years ago

Frank Y., I see you have heard about Romney's plan to divide women and conquer. But we women have too much at stake this time around. We pull together or we die together! I hope there are many fewer Republican baby-dolls that real women.

Don't get confused about the stakes here. There are higher than they have ever been. We will have a puppet of the GOP who will pass any crazy law the Tea Partiers want no matter how harmful to how many people and considers us kin to his dog he cavalierly tied to the top of his car no matter how long the journey. Or we vote for an intelligent, educated man with a lovely wife he so obviously loves, and with two beautiful children who was raised by a single mom and knows all about the plight of women. It is better for us that he loses a few battles but wins the war. And he can with out backing.

T.L. H.
T.L. H5 years ago

The reason why mens rights are never an issue is because men never stand up for themselves,not because problems with them don't exist.

Donegal Higgins
Past Member 5 years ago

That anyone has the audacity to claim that there's not a war on women going on in this country makes my jaw drop. What the hell is going on, America?

Elizabeth Irby
Elizabeth Irby5 years ago

I say vote Democrat as the Republicans have no use for the poor and now too the middle class. People need to take heed or they will suffer the consequences of a Republican candidate getting into office. I am sick at what this country faces if the voters don't start thinking clearly. We are on the brink of disaster with the wrong person in office. The average person is looked at as a work horse nothing more by the Republicans. The Bush administration started a needless war for their own gain. This is a pity in the 21st century. Recent wars are for the rich to get richer. How disgusting.

Debrah Roemisch
Debrah Roemisch5 years ago

Actually Carol, the conservatives don't like the unborn either--they are quite consistent in their anti-environmental agendas and toxin pollution is one of the biggest causes of birth defects, and miscarriages-it truly is all about controlling women NOT about the unborn. To the person who said the bc being covered by insurance was a separation of church and state issue do you also agree that if your employer happens to be a Jehovah witness that they should not cover a blood transfusion if you need one? What if they happen to be scientologist and you need anti-depressants and they refuse to cover that? If an employer has health insurance coverage it should cover any medical care you and your Dr agree you need without having to get it approved by the employer (in my opinion that is the only fair way to do it!)

Andrew Carvin
Andrew Carvin5 years ago

Vote Democrat
The Republicans' destructive social policies ENSURE there will be UNESCESSARRY SUFFERING AND DEATH.

The Republicans dehumanize their victims like rapists, and use evil social policy to callously murder the non-rich.

The Republicans know this, and actively CHOOSE to cause UNESCESSARRY SUFFERING AND DEATH.

A vote for the Republican party might as well be rape and murder by proxy.

The Democrats on the other hand have made good on some of their promises despite Republican barriers, and continue to advocate for the middle/poor classes against the Republicans' wishes.