Dispatches From The War On Women: Republicans More Extreme Than Ever

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Despite the fact that Republicans really want this Todd Akin controversy to go away, it won’t, especially since the party’s official platform will include a ban on all abortions, even in the case of rape and incest. And with the Republican National Convention mere days away and Akin refusing to drop out of his Senate race, that guarantees the story will stay in the news cycle for at least another week. Do Republicans really want voters, both men and women, reminded that they are the party that believes a woman should be forced to birth her rapist’s baby?

Apparently they do, because Rep. Steve King (R-IA) decided to join in the fun and told reporters that he had never heard of anyone getting pregnant as a result of statutory rape. Of course, the reason such “evidence” would be compelling is if the Republicans were trying to set up the argument for an all-out abortion ban. Which, as we discussed above, they are.

This story is simply tragic. A Nevada hospital denied visitation rights to a same-sex couple despite the fact that they had a legal domestic partnership under Nevada law. Hate is hate, even wrapped up in evangelical Christianity and Catholicism.

Yes, this really happened: toddler fight club. And worse, it happened at a daycare and the whole thing was videotaped.

This might give the Republicans some ideas: Iran is banning women from universities.

Meanwhile under Paul Ryan’s vision of America, Pell Grants are just one of the many tools of the middle class that would have to be sacrificed in the name of keep the very rich, well, very rich.

Here is an exhaustive look at Paul Ryan’s record on abortion, and the results might surprise you.

A federal appeals court ruled that Texas can cut off funding for Planned Parenthood as it shuts down family planning care for the state’s poor.

In more bad news from the judiciary, brace for more disappointing rulings like the Arizona 20 week abortion ban and the Pennsylvania voter ID law. Conservatives in the court have been working on this for years.

Finally, is your state as progressive as Illinois? Here’s one way to get it there.

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Photo from Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com via flickr.


Elizabeth Irby
Elizabeth Irby4 years ago

Most people are like sheep. They follow. They put no effort into important issues i.e., making an effort to get off their asses and read. Most people listen to their local TV stations and read just their local papers and feel they are informed. We have churches all across the country putting in their two cents which can truly sway the lazy idiots attending. This election is one of the most important for us. Beware of the Republicans (wolves). If you think we have problems now just give them a chance and the middle class will suffer tremendously. They will cut and people will suffer. They seem to like sending our young men to war to die or be so injured their lives will never be the same. As for the veterans without half their bodies or minds they receive little or no assistance. Republicans started our last war for what? Talk about running up big time bills for our country. War makes much money for the 1%. What do they care as they are making their fortunes. I love my country but I fear the government.

Christine C.
Christine C.4 years ago


Christine C.
Christine C.4 years ago


Toby S.
Toby S.4 years ago

(Sorry a copy/paste from my comment on another article)
Here are a couple of points made in an article on how to "sell" the Ryan Medicare plan;

"But my main example is that future seniors, for all intents and purposes, will have a health plan similar to what’s now available for Members of Congress."

"The Medicare-reform proposal of presumptive GOP running-mate Paul Ryan is precisely as extreme as the health plan available today to every member of Congress."

"Ryan envisions average seniors’ being able to enjoy Capitol Hill–style medical options."

Get the point...sell the Ryan plan as a "Capital hill style medical option".


Then it says at the bottom;

"But if a sufficient share of future seniors use their premium support vouchers to buy high-deductible catastrophic insurance policies (which presumably will be the smart approach), then a growing share of routine medical expenses will be purchased directly by consumers – thus slowly but surely returning market forces to healthcare."

Yea...downplay the $5k average cost as "returning market forces to healthcare".

I'm sorry Republicans, but ask any doctor and he will tell you that Medicare has already squeezed out all the profits that they can shoulder, so how in the H is "market forces" going to do it better? No it won't

More Tea Party 2+2 = 22 propaganda for the math chall

Lea Humphrey
Lea Humphrey4 years ago

i find "chillin d.'s" comments more frightening than disgusting. but i am glad that posts like that are allowed to remind me of the arrogance and ignorance of some people... the topic is republicans being extreme but i cannot believe that chillin d. is representative of any group of people but the demented...

Michael M.
Michael M.4 years ago

Not just extreme:
We are talking more dumber, sexist, homophobic, racist, bigoted, and quite frankly, more anti-American, less patriotic and less supportive of fellow real Americans.

They have false sense of values and have no sense of what real Patriotism is (waving that Made in China flag does NOT make YOU a patriot), and what real science is (not false religious science).

Michael G.
Michael T.4 years ago

Lee, Nancy Baym in Personal Connections in the Digital Age wrote about individuals who cannot because of their own social constraints act the way they will when given the opportunity of anonymity that the internet offers. In the world of the internet they can become the bullies they wouldn't dare to save amongst their drinking buddies and act in such ways. The GOP and the religious parts of our society have stirred up the hue and cry and are working to turn the divisiveness control dial up to its highest levels of volume and show no signs of continuing to do so. These bullies are exploring the darkest corners of their personalities and have found a space where they can act out these antisocial behaviors without constraint.

Lee Witton
4 years ago

From the picture of 'chillin', it looks as though he may be in a padded cell. And frankly, the eerie pose makes him look....well, deranged.

Lee Witton
4 years ago

Michael - you are wise and I think you are probably right. There seems to be an irrepressible urge by some to do whatever harm or mischief they can by coming to the Care2 site when they know they are not wanted here. I would never visit one of these creeps hate-mongering sites because it isn't worth my time to do so. Nor would I go there to post how I believe or what I think knowing that it would be all for naught anyway, especially with these far right nuts who live in a frightening world all their own. No concept of reality, concern for others, or standing as a united front against those who wish to strip Americans of what they've always stood for and what they are about. If there has ever been a true contradiction in terms regarding this country it is now and that contradiction is the "United" States of America. With creeps like the one who came here with his incendiary remarks, I see just how far down the gutter far too many in this country have slid, but there will be a stronger America, a more compassionate America, a more "united" America, because we cannot allow those who perpetuate hate and filth destroy what is so precious to the majority in this country.

Michael G.
Michael T.4 years ago

Lee I have been following this agent of muck and mire all day from one contraception, abortion, Ryan, war on women site to another. It is the same rant. I haven't bothered checking out its website for fear it is a virus laden site and therefore just a trap. The arrogant "I'm so cool" self-portrait is well. . . I won't say.