Dispatches From The War On Women: With No Obamacare Is Mississippi The Future?

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We’ll know today whether or not the Roberts Court upholds the Affordable Care Act. If it does, millions of Americans will keep the insurance coverage they currently have (thanks to the act) while millions more will gain coverage by 2014. Women, in particular, have a lot riding on today’s decision as they have in many ways gained the most under Obamacare. Should the bill go down, we’ve got a sense of what life will look like thanks to Mississippi and Missouri, two states both facing a shortage of medical providers and clinics able to provide reproductive health care. Of course, that doesn’t mean the women in Missouri and Mississippi don’t need that care. It just means they can’t get it.

The American nuns on the nine-state tour to advocate against the Ryan Plan deserve to be pistol whipped, according to one conservative talk show host. That is what conservative talk radio has become, folks– a platform for advocating assault against nuns who minister to the poor. Keep it classy, GOP.

A judge has refused to stop the voter purge in Florida despite the fact he was presented with actual proof  of voters wrongfully taken off voter rolls.

This is a very smart look at the myth of the model minority and the damage it brings.

Is the Tea Party revolution over? Cripes do I hope so.

Seriously. Why does college cost so much?

Anna Klenke makes the case that kids are more creative now than in 1985. What do you think?

Jezebel has this piece on being a mom and a pothead. I really look forward to the day smoking pot is no longer an issue, but in the meantime, this is a pretty funny read.

Can you imagine a general election without a bake-off between First Lady Michelle Obama and Ann Romney? It would mean we’d have to ask the women for their opinions on things like health care, and contraception and equal pay. Yeah, cookies are definitely better.

On that note, Nora Ephron has died and words have failed me. RIP and thank you.

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Tavi Labradog
Tavi Labradog4 years ago

Interesting. Canadian liberals attack me each time I post. Then Dianne P. states that I am bashing the liberals. I am then told to reflect spiritually, as medicine has extended my life too far. At no point in my posts had I questioned the expense, apart from the huge tax burden socialized medicine entails. I am then told by Dianne P. that I am in pain. Where did I state that? Yet again Dianne P. goes into what her choice would be when her "quality of life" wanes. Finally, she ends reiterating that "do not think all the bashing is good for anyone" when the only possible thing that was "bashed" was liberal philosophies in general.

Dianne Prang
Dianne Prang4 years ago

From all that I have read, I believe Sweden wanted him extradited to their country just for questioning. The rape claims appear trumped up since the ladies never bothered to report the events at the time. I am very sure USA wants to get this guy.

Dianne Prang
Dianne Prang4 years ago

I am sorry you are dying. Perhaps this is a time to reflect spiritually. This might be a good time to be less confrontational. Maybe medicine extends life too much and it gives false hopes.
Regarding healthcare, I am totally committed to being my primary health care person while my doctor provides the standard tests.. In other words, healthcare to me is finding out what problems I have and work with my doctor to rectify them. She knows I do not want to have to take daily drugs... so I eat right and exercise. When the time comes when my quality of life is up.... I will likely not want to go from hospital bed to hospital bed.y choice..
You mentioned in one post about the expense of your healthcare. My sister in law had exhausted her options for antibiotics. My brother paid 40k to have one made for her in NYC. She managed to make it to past 50yrs of age. Neither she nor my brother ever complained about healthcare in Canada. USA is a much larger country that can provide some special healthcare, not because Canada is not advanced, it certainly does well for the population spread we have, but because advances in USA are good...no doubt about it...but expensive.
By the way, My sister in law had CF and fortunately my brother was able to afford the 40k that extended her life by 2 years which were good years.
Good luck...I know you are in pain...just do not think all the bashing is good for anyone.

Tavi Labradog
Tavi Labradog4 years ago

James C: What a wonderful response. My only reason for posting was to relate my experience as a terminal, long-term patient in both the Canadian and U.S. health systems. Liberals in both countries swore at me, called me a liar and told me I had no idea what I was talking about. Meanwhile, last week in Canada I was scheduled for an MRI which likely won't take place till January. Upon my return to the U.S. I saw a doctor last Thursday, with the MRI taking place tomorrow morning. X-Rays were done on the spot Thursday. I know I won't survive in the end, so I am not really making any political gestures. Merely relating what has happened to date.

James Campbell
James Campbell4 years ago

Tavi L. “Socialist 'health care' has ended up looking exactly like this in any country that attempted it. Currently the U.S. has the best health care system in the world. Socialist systems effectively eliminate health care for everyone.”

I cannot comment on Canadian or American health care in any detail as I am not familiar with it as a resident, other than to say that both America & Canada have some of the best clinicians I have ever worked with. What I am familiar with is the UK NHS which is a national health provision service, paid for out of taxation, but free at the point of use for everyone. It does have its problems as it is a massive enterprise, but speaking as both an insider (a doctor) and as a one-time patient (8 months in a spinal injury unit) I have to say that it its advantages outweigh any disadvantages. Because of my research background I have links with staff in health care systems around the world and I am able to compare and contrast various features from a practitioner point of view. Health care throughout Western Europe, especially France and Germany is of a very high standard, but the UK NHS can be favourably compared, across several fronts, with the best. Of hospital inpatients, 92% said they were satisfied with their treatment; 87% of GP users were satisfied with their GP; 87% of hospital outpatients were satisfied with the service they received; and 70% of Accident and Emergency department users reported being satisfied

Angela N.
Angela N.4 years ago

thanks for the article

J.L. A.
JL A.4 years ago

why is MS so backwards in so many ways?

Robert Pavlick
Robert Pavlick4 years ago

Well, from what Cherie C says, Mississippi Republicans aren't the ones closing abortion clinics for religious reasons. They are being closed because there are no qualified doctors to do them and the clinics are unsanitary. That's a whole different kettle of fish than what was implied by this article. Is it possible that Care2 is becoming the Fox News of the Left ??????

Tavi Labradig
Tavi Labradog4 years ago

SusanT: Again you pose a compelling debate strategy. Let me dismantle it! The U.S. rural population is slightly less than twenty one percent. The Canadian rural population is estimated as low as nineteen percent. The ratio between the total population of both countries and those needing a liver transplant are equal. Thus, the "large tracts of land" are unrelated, as essentially nobody lives there. Further, organs do not go to a "bank." It is rare for a Canadian to become a U.S. citizen other than through marriage. Thus, I do not qualify for U.S. Medicare. Transplant cost is greatly inflated if a long ICU stay is required. It remains a rare and risky procedure.

Cherie C.
Cherie C.4 years ago

What happened in Mississippi was that it became a requirement for the four doctors performing abortions (three were not from Mississippi). to have hospital affiliations, and they were unable to do so. So if that is a "war on women", ensuring that doctors have that and are not able to speaks volumes.

Also look at what is happening in Pennsylvania, in light of what happened in Philadelphia. There are now requirements for state inspections of clinics, and out of the 22 in the state, only one was able to meet all of them! Safe?