Dog Cries From Happiness After Seeing “Mom” Again

Take a look at this wonderful video of a U.S. Air Force Captain returning from Afghanistan and seeing her 8 and a half year old dog, Molly, at the airport for the first time in months.

I think Molly missed her mom!

And just in case you think dogs don’t have memories or emotions, this video will prove you wrong.

We love our dogs!

Watch here:

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Photo Credit: uchn

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Azaima A.
Azaima A.about a year ago


Alexandra G.
Alexandra G.about a year ago

so sweet :):)

Julie V.
Julie V.about a year ago

I found this video to be unavailable. Molly, the dog belonging to the Air Force Captain...the Captain's return from duty. It is from 2011, I believe. Have others recently been able to watch it? I am not sure if the problem is my computer or not.

Lone W.
Lone W.about a year ago

To me, this is not surprising. Humans and dogs have a long standing relationship.

Bradford Penrod
Bradford Penrodabout a year ago

Here's the vid folks:

I will keep adding the link since the original one provided no longer exists. Peace & love!

Read more:

Kimmy H.
Kimmy H.about a year ago

Thank you.

Azaima A.
Azaima A.about a year ago

bummer video unavailable. Who thinks dogs have no memories or emotions any more? Those people must never have had a dog welcome them home.

Peter Aldus
Past Member about a year ago


MmAWAY M.1 years ago

Tried to look this up then could not come back to see if someone posted a new link!!?!