Dog Whisperer Wants to Stop Puppy Mills

If Cesar Millan gets his way the famous “Dog Whisperer” will be changing the behavior of puppy mill owners everywhere. Millan announced at a recent press conference that he is crusading to shut down dog breeding factories.

Cesar Millan who is known for his controversial methods for training unruly canines has teamed up with the Los Angeles based animal advocacy organization called Last Chance for Animals.

LCA has a long and successful history of investigating and uncovering the inhumane conditions at large scale breeding kennels. They are known for going undercover into facilities and documenting violations and the deplorable conditions of the dogs living there. Then the group contacts the media and local officials to confront the kennel owners and demand action.

Millan went with LCA on one of their undercover missions. He said, “It was a “heartbreaking experience. It was hard to maintain a calm assertive state in that environment. It completely changed my life.”

Now Cesar wants to see puppy mills stopped. “It’s an unnatural state for the dogs. They don’t breed naturally and they have no natural interaction with anybody and still people make money from them,” Millan said at the press conference.

Millan’s twenty years of experience as a “dog behavior specialist” made him especially helpful to the dogs rescued by LCA from a puppy mill earlier this year.

The Dog Whisperer website says the kennel was ordered to release 75 dogs and puppies to local shelters. The following day, they also agreed to give another 40 dogs to LCA. One of those pups was Sophie, a 5-year-old Pekingese and LCA’s Kim Sill offered to foster her. Kim believed she was the first human outside the kennels to have contact with Sophie.

Sophie became aggressive with everyone other than Kim, making her un-adoptable. Cesar used his expertise to identify the problem and showed Kim how to change her behavior. “Within minutes, Sophie was calmer than Kim had ever seen.”

His dramatic interaction with this dog proved that he could be a valuable asset for rehabilitating canines rescued from puppy mills. Many have behavior problems that make it difficult for them to be adopted and make the transition from living in a cage to living with a family.


Millan has beaten the odds for success all of his life, migrating from Mexico and moving on to become a world famous expert in dog behavior. Maybe he can beat the odds again and finally put an end to the puppy mill industry.

The Dog Whisperer TV program will air a special episode Friday, May 8th about Cesar Millan’s new crusade against puppy mills.

Click on this link to see the investigation that changed Cesar Millan.



Buffy F.
Buffy F7 years ago

Cesar is my idol. Yes, I wish I could help more to stop puppy mills.

Graciela S.
Graciela Siller8 years ago

I am a dog lover and greatly admire Cesar Milan's natural gift to help dogs feel and interact better. He helps people to understand their dog's behavior. I never miss any of his T.V. shows 'cause there is always something to learn from them. Congratulations Mr. Milan keep up your wonderful work! I believe there are many people out there that really appreciate what you do!

Roxanne Mehl
Roxanne Mehl8 years ago

thank you ceasar from this cridder lover. roxanne from wi.!!!!!

Tiffany Reed
Tiffany Reed8 years ago

I can't thank you enough! The puppies and kittens and dogs will too......THANK YOU!!!!

Meredith B.
Meredith B8 years ago

Thank you Cesar! We are behind you.

Itty Bitty
Past Member 8 years ago

"Thank you" just isn't enough to express the gratitude of millions of Americans to Mr. Millan.

Outside of money, which many are lacking these days, I'd love to support his efforts, along with the countless organizations attempting to put a stop to this selfserving injustice to our companion animals.

His intentions are not publicly known, and it would be great if His Mission could be publicized to the masses for greater support.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Again Cesar, you truly are a blessing to pet lovers and more importantly, to our four legged friends.

Rosa Canas
Rosa Canas8 years ago

Thanks Cesar! God bless you. We need persons like you for fight against this cruelty and with other that people who do with all kind of animals.Animals are innocent the problem is human been, people need change their minds.

trish m.
Trish Moon8 years ago

It's great to hear that Cesar will be involved in the crusade to close down puppy mills...I respected him before - now ....I'm so amazingly grateful!!! Thanks Cesar!

Karla Howard
Karla Howard8 years ago

Please remember we are supposed to be a civilized nation....with some brains. Do the right thing and punnish abusers and finally end this fiasco. woof

Karla Howard
Karla Howard8 years ago

Please remember we are supposed to be a civilized nation....with some brains. Do the right thing and punnish abusers and finally end this fiasco. woof