Don’t Divorce Us

I wonder if those Californians who voted in favor of Proposition 8 in November 2008 realized that they were jeopardizing the marriages of the state’s same-sex couples. There were warnings prior to the elections, but did they really consider that they would be responsible for the divorce–by government fiat–of 18,000 marriages?

After all, the intent of Proposition 8 was to completely ban same-sex marriage in California, and the continued existence of any pre-existing marriages would constitute a clear and present danger to the nature of marriage.

It was no surprise, therefore, when on December 19, 2008, Ken Starr and the Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund filed legal briefs seeking to nullify the 18,000 same-sex marriages conducted between May and November 2008.

As part of their effort to help repeal Proposition 8, the Courage Campaign just released a video of loving, committed couples asking the state Supreme Court to “not divorce us.” It’s just about one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a while.

Check it out here.

And here is the link to their action.


Jack Sprat
Past Member 6 years ago

I think that is a form of child abuse to force that poor little girl to hold up a sign to support two deviant homosexuals so called dads. I feel very sad for the girl and wish I could adopt her to get her out of that perverted lifestyle. God help her! I pray she turns out normal.

Carol Harrison
Carol Harrison7 years ago

I'm a libertarian, secular and a feminist so I believe in the right to choose and in democratic (social equality) for all without breaking any actual laws. Religious laws only exist to make sure that women stay women, men stay men and children are raised in gender-traditional roles, just like back in the 50's. We've progressed quite a bit since then but there are STILL people who don't like how we live our lives or who we live with. Christians can't accept that they don't live in an homogenous society. That's their proble...we're not all like and why should we be just to suit a majority??!

Carol Harrison
Carol Harrison7 years ago

Smokey, this is for you. All a same-sex couple (lesbian) need is a biological father (sperm donor) and the one woman's egg, fertilize them and use IVF. Or they can adopt just a two gay men in a relationship can.
I just heard that Vermont is now allowing, legally....same-sex marriage so now there's Vermont and Massachusetts, the two MOST progressive states in the U.S.

Carol Harrison
Carol Harrison7 years ago

Karen, are you the one who Smokey made that last sentence about it being better to remain quiet and thought a fool than to open one's mouth in ignorance and remove all doubt? If so, then I'm with you.

Smokey Moss
Smokey Moss7 years ago

There should be no worry about the rights of children in a gay marriage. There should be no children in that situation. The last time I checked two people of the same sex could not produce a child. To Karen who is spouting that we should not judge that only God can judge, I agree wholeheartedly. You must realize though, it is not judging to read God's word and see where it plainly says that a relationship of the intimate kind between people of the same sex is wrong and support and follow His word. God has already judged one time, as Glenna has pointed out, when He destroyed Sodom and Gamora and every living being that remained within the city. God made it known what should be and it is our path to follow. That is not judging, so Karen, I am only SPECIFICALLY doing what the scripture says. If you are going to try and use the scripture against, as you call it, religious people, you might try reading a little of that scripture so you will have some idea what you are talking about. Either that or remain quiet. It is better to remain quiet and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth in ignorance and remove all doubt!

Gwenna C.
Gwenna C.7 years ago

Some decision:
1) A mom and a dad who are too involved in their jobs, each other & their differences or personal problems,
2) Two fathers or two mothers who are happy with their relationship, don't take unhappy emotions out on the children, work out the complications of life by sticking together and cooperating.
Love is preferrable to neglect, unhappyness, abuse or hate.

Megan Zehnder
Megan Zehnder7 years ago

this is so cute, thank you samer!

Ski M.
Ski M.7 years ago

Isn't it better that children are brought up in stable relationships. A Mum and Dad, 2 Mums, 2 Dads, a family setting and the stability it brings is far more important than anyone's prejudices.

Ski M.
Ski M.7 years ago

Isn't it better that children are brought up in stale relationships. A Mum and Dad, 2 Mums, 2Dads, a family setting and the stability it brings is far more important than anyone's prejudices.

Pamela C.
Pamela C.7 years ago

I would just like to clarify my earlier comments. I am very angry about the intolerance shown by Proposition 8; it was passed by a very narrow margin and by lies that same sex marriage would be taught in the schools. It made me ashamed to be a Californian. I am totally for same sex marriage.