“Don’t Retreat, Reload” – Palin to Head Gun Convention

Don’t retreat, reload?  Obviously, even after all of the fallout over violent imagery and rhetoric in the aftermath of the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Palin is continuing on as a cross-hair defending, second amendment pushing political figure, now agreeing to headline a gun rights convention in Nevada.

Via Huffington Post:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin recently announced plans to deliver a keynote speech later this month at a marquee gun rights event in Reno, Nevada.

Palin is set to speak at a Safari Club International convention on January 29, a gathering put on by a group that calls itself “the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide.”

With the recent rise of criticism of Palin’s rhetoric and imagery in the wake of the shootings in Arizona, the timing of her appearance at the function wouldn’t appear to be ideal, though Palin has certainly made an effort to prove herself an unabashed Second Amendment advocate.

The convention plans makes it clear that Palin has no desire to change her image as the firebrand of the Tea Party in the wake of the Arizona shooting, not even after her disastrous public statement that a “blood libel” had been declared on her.

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LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

jane richmond
jane richmond5 years ago

Why do we listen to this woman???

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

I voted "yes", because it is her M.O. No one can say "shoot" like Sarah.

Guillermo Ramon
Guillermo Ramon5 years ago

To all those people who fantasize about guns. Guns do kill! We need gun control to ensure that whoever carries a gun understand what he carries. The smallest movement of a finger can kill a person. Death, brain damage, paralysis, and panic are just some of the results of using guns.
After hurricane Andrew, I lost my job, so I took a job protecting construction materials. Construction materials became as valuable as gold, so I had to wear a gun to do my job. I got training and a license.
I was ambushed, and had to face armed people several times. Once, I had to stand tightly against a column for hours as two gangs met while breaking in, and stayed shooting at each other for hours. I was caught in the middle. Thank God, I was never killed, but I am alive, not because guns don't kill, but because I am fast on my feet and keep my cool.
Every time I faced a gun, I knew that I was less than one inch from death. No wonder, when I was offered the post, I was told that every guard before me had left the job and never be back.
I have a black belt in karate. I have used karate to defend myself and others. It took me years to learn karate, and as I learned to hurt and fight, I was being taught to respect and to have discipline.
A person can take a gun and become much more dangerous in seconds than a karate player. grabbing a gun does not teach you to respect. Learning karate leaches you to respect.
Guns are killing instruments, that's all.

Penelope Jones
Penelope J.5 years ago

Sarah Palin with a gun is like giving a kid a loaded gun and telling them not to shoot it. She is an idiot and just give us one day without saying anything about her. The more people talk about her the more she will stay in the public's eyes, we need to try a little harder and not report anything about her, because this is just what she is waiting for. She already spews out a lot of garbage, let's not give her anymore ammo, or maybe she might shoot herself in the foot, or come up with that foot and mouth disease.

Ed G.
Edward G.5 years ago

Anyone that shoots wolves from a helopcopter should be either in jail or a mental institution. Let her go and she will make herself into a bigger fool that she already has. Heck we might even get lucky and she will have some kind of saccident with a hgun and she will be put in prison a place that she really deserves to be in. A good place to stick her would be GITMO so there will be no communications with the outside world except her attorney who would never in a million years utter any of the ill advised words that she uses daily.

Lika S.
Lika S.5 years ago

I don't think Sarah Palin is responsible enough to be a gun owner, much less be the poster child for a group. This scares me. I wonder if we could reward someone to shoot the "bump-it" from the back of her head? Unless someone actually hit her on the head with a gun, and her head's swollen from it... I don't know...

Linda S.
Linda S.5 years ago

How appropriate - one loser talking to a room full of losers.