Drinking Green Tea May Reduce Risk of Stomach Cancer in Women

With millions of women lacking adequate health insurance and access to medicine, many are starting to turn to alternatives that have their roots in ancient holistic traditions.

Much has been made of the antioxidizing qualities of green tea, a substance that has been revered by Asian cultures for its medicinal qualities for many hundreds of years.

“In 1994 the Journal of the National Cancer Institute published the results of an epidemiological study indicating that drinking green tea reduced the risk of esophageal cancer in Chinese men and women by nearly sixty percent” (Journal of the National Cancer Institute).

Now, a new study is supporting the claims that green tea is a very valuable medicinal substance by finding that “Japanese women, but not Japanese men, who regularly drink 5 or more cups daily appear about 20 percent less likely to develop stomach cancer” (Reuters).

The findings of the study, which rexamined the results of six previous research projects, was published in the gastrointestinal journal, Gut. The current study reviewed the cases of “more than 219,000 men and women 40 years and older, who were followed from about 7 years to more than 11 years. Overall, about four in five of the participants reported drinking green tea daily, with about a third drinking five or more cups per day.”

Over the course of the studies, about 2500 of the approximately 100,000 men, and about 1000 of the more than 118,000 women that participated developed stomach cancer.

Reduced risk results were found mostly in women that reported drinking more than five cups of green tea every day.

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William C
William C1 months ago

Thanks for the information.

W. C
W. C1 months ago

Thank you for the article.

Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith7 years ago

Peter, I'm cuious about this resurch you said you have seen. Can you find a link to it and post it here, thank you. Because all the studies I have been reading in top medical jurnals say that Anti-Oxants, even high dossages, are improving and helpful. I remember seeing some reports about megadosing and that is just the same with anything, to much of anything is never good, but that where huge amounts. But I really find it interesting to read all facts about this so please if you can let us know, thank you!

Peter H.
Peter H8 years ago

Hello Cheryl, the link isn't to green tea it is to normal incidence of stomach cancer (12.7 per 100,000). As the article implies drinking green tea reduces the chances of developing stomach cancer then lists figures that show an incidence 100 times greater than normal among green tea drinkers. It might not be related at all but this is bad science in its purest form. The higher amount may even be linked to the negative qualities of anti-oxidents in excess which destroy free-radicals, elements that we actually need to defend ourselves against cancer (and other 'bad') cells. Excess of anti-oxidents have been medically proven to increase cancer chances, not reduce them. I can send you the links to properly run and methodologically sound research into this should you so wish.

Cheryl K.
Cheryl K8 years ago

As a longtime green tea drinker, I went to your link, Peter, but couldn't find anything specifically addressing green tea.

Peter H.
Peter H8 years ago

Actually I would avoid green tea. If you have a look at normal incidence of stomach cancer in the UK you will see the figures for the green tea drinkers in this article are 100 hundred times greater. http://info.cancerresearchuk.org/cancerstats/types/stomach/incidence/
Don't believe the 'holistic and Alternative' therapy people. There is no actual link to real research here, only to journals where the evidence cannot be found.

Claire M.
Claire M8 years ago

I like green tea in any kind of remedy. If I use a cream with green tea in it my skin instantly feels relief. My Dr recommended it along with other things to sooth my agitated stomach. Unfortunately I fear that much of the cheap mass produced green tea may not have the qualities it should.

Pat Prest
Pat Prest8 years ago

Green tea is an old remedy in our family also, but the only time we drank it was when we were not feeling good or was sick from stomack upsets.
I think an overdose of this kind of tea would eleminate the results you are trying for, at least thats is what I have found.

Jeanne B.
Jeanne B8 years ago

My French doctor who studied Chinese medicine in China for 14 years is adamant about the fact that the green tea should be Chinese, not Indian or Sri Lankan, due to its much higher amounts of anti-oxydants.

Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith8 years ago

I was just hearing that the World Health Organization is also recommending 2 cups of Green Tea every day, but I can't find it on there website, but then again it is hard to navigate on that website. Have you heard about that?

Apart from that, thank you for the article and I'm off to have a cup of my own Green Tea ;-)