Elizabeth Warren: Nobody In This Country Got Rich On His Own [VIDEO]


Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is already gaining rapidly on Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown. And with speeches like this, where she explains that tax fairness isn’t class warfare, it’s part of the social contract, it isn’t hard to see why.

“[Y]ou built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea. God bless keep a big hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is, you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.”


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Photo credit: David Shankbone, via wikimedia commons


SeattleAnn S.
Ann S.4 years ago

Elizabeth Warren is charismatic, brilliant and on-point.

Glen P.
Glen P.4 years ago

Elizabeth Warren is absolutely right. Well sort of. She actually hasn't expressed the 1/2 of it.

The wealthier one is, the MORE (on an exponential scale) they rely on and benefit from our nation's infrastructure, security, resources, and a healthy well-educated populace. Hence the only FAIR tax is a progressive tax that recognizes the exponential benefit one higher and higher on the income ladder receives.

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson5 years ago

I'm PROUD to support Elizabeth Warren.

Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm5 years ago

Our government gave a paltry 535 million dollar land. Guess what China spent?

20 F**KING BILLION.......with a B.

How the HELL does an American company compete against that?

You people who think liberals are destroying the country better wake the hell up! Corporations in conjunction with China are ruining the country. Its not welfare......its not High Taxes.......its not socialism......... Its CHINA and our RUSH to send all our jobs there!!!!

They are doing the same thing to Wind Turbines. Everything WE should be doing THEY are doing because they will work for a pittance. WE are starving and they are becoming a super power and will soon be dictating TO us unless our government gets some forward thinking vision. China wont wait for us to catch up.

While Half of our government says we can't China is saying we WILL.

Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm5 years ago

I am fully aware of the paradox in the statement, Paul.

SOMETHING has to jumpstart the economy. It doesn't matter if we deregulate small business. They have no customers. It doesn't matter if we cut their taxes. They have no customers.

They aren't going to magically hire people because they are deregulated. They need US to spend. And we can't. Obama's new plan was going to lower taxes on small businesses that DO hire people. So far the bill hasn't been passed.
These Corps. didn't go to china because we regulated them. They went there for NO pollution laws…….no laws against lead and the cheapest labor force in the world. They were making plenty of money before they left for China. They all became "too big to fail" right here in this country, that "is impossible to do business in". These FTA are all a pile of crap. We were sold this bill of goods with the idea we would bring the 3rd world up to our level. Instead they are now trying to drag us DOWN to 3rd world level because it makes their profits fatter.
They are selling us a pile of crap and too may people believe them when they say its a pile of roses.

Paul B.
Paul B.5 years ago

The Bill of Rights is the Founding Fathers rebellion against French Enlightenment.

French Enlightenment is about controlling people for their own good. Again, SO different from the Bill of Rights where freedom is an individual right, not a collective. People DO have the right to NOT be told by someone who "thinks they know better. It is this influence that has taken control in DC. IT is true liberal progressivism. That is NOT America.

Paul B.
Paul B.5 years ago

French Enlightenment is about controlling people for their own good. Again, SO different from the Bill of Rights where freedom is an individual right, not a collective system designed for us. People DO have the right to NOT be told by someone who "thinks they know better. It is this influence that has taken control in DC. IT is true liberal progressivism. That is NOT America.

It is the French Enlightenment we are still fighting today. Humans should have the right to pursue their own goals, not be bound by the rules of someone else, looking out for our best interest. Now you see where this whole controlling government attitude arose, disguised as a democratic process.

Thank you MArk for exposing the Enlightenment for what it really is, or warning us as some may view this information.

Paul B.
Paul B.5 years ago

From Wikipedia:
"For Rousseau the Social Contract is the basic law of society. Liberty is obedience to the law you have accepted, and equality means all are equally dependent on society and not on any other individual.
The Social Contact should be written by a legislator.

So Rousseau wants liberty and equality in society but denies these are natural. Rather he wants civil liberty and equality, that is he wants them granted by the state. The rights you have are the ones you have in the community, to which you give all your natural liberty and equality when you joined it.

Rousseau's society depends on public spiritedness, compared with Locke and Smith for whom the most important part of Life was private. In general Rousseau is out of tune with individualistic liberalism and greed.

Rousseau came up with the idea of a General Will.
The idea of a General Will was the principle behind the validity of the Social Contract. It is a very important concept: political society is seen as involving the total subjection of every individual to the General Will of the whole. The problem is discovering what the General Will is: for Rousseau it is NOT the same as the wishes of majority, "rather it is what is in their best interests." That is why Rousseau said some Legislator should point to the mandate of heaven to get his law accepted. People should be "forced to be free": the aim was to create a more virtuous human being.""

French Enlightenment is about controlling people

Paul B.
Paul B.5 years ago

Mark M. It is "social policy" that corrupts humans. Those contracts restrict freedoms of expression, freedoms of living. It is its power that imposes the will of a few on the lives of many. At the guidance of typically corrupt politicians, social policy becomes a perversion of the Golden Rule.

French enlightenments and the BIll of Rights should never be compared. The enlightenment period did more damage to human freedoms than we may ever recover from. The Bill of Rights is actually a return to the "natural" freedoms we have simply as being human. French enlightenment is just the opposite.

Hobbes, was a leading inspiration for the Enlightenment.

The Hobbesian View of Men - There is a need for a state to control, althought the aim is the welfare of all. Absolute power for a leader is needed. His theoretical basis was absolute materialism. Hobbes wants a tightly ordered commonwealth, ruled by law and order. His work shows in detail what powers he thinks a state must have in order to do its job.

What part of this relates to what the Bill of Rights tried to create? Men are free, not just part of a social experiment in control. George Bernard Shaw is a result of where Hobbes would lead us.

Paul B.
Paul B.5 years ago

Robert... What? You have some glaring contradictions in your statements. First, you say we need to spend more so business have customers. But at the same time you say that jobs aren't going to come back. Hmmm....

So if the federal government shells out another trillion dollars, and people will spend that money at businesses. Okay, so then what?

What happens when the money runs out, like last time. The jobs go away again, and all the money we spent went to foreign companies which you state will never return to the US. I believe that is what you insinuated.

So what did we gain? We went $1 trillion deeper in debt it went to hire more people overseas. Oh boy, that is exactly what we need!!!

Look, I know that is not what you meant, but that is what your statements implied. We do need jobs, we do need to increase spending, but NOT at the federal level where it will get misappropriated, used for political payback, or to shore up more government pensions and budgets that are bleeding RED, and not to where it really needs to go. It would be just like the first stimulus.

Basically you are confused in your analysis. It is regulations that are restricting the small business man from competing with BIG Business who is shipping jobs overseas. We must make it cheaper to do business in the US. Jobs won't return, based on your own statements, until we make this country more business friendly.