England Outraged Over “Secret” Method of Animal Slaughter

Customers and animal welfare groups in the UK are in an uproar over the revelation that much of the meat sold in England is obtained through Halal slaughter practices.

Halal is the traditional method of slaughter used by Muslims. It is similar to Kosher slaughter in that it requires animals be bled to death without being stunned first. In most western countries, cows are stunned before being bled to death.

Customers claim it is unethical that businesses did not specifically inform customers that the meat they serve is Halal.

Animal welfare groups such as PETA, as well as customers, are outraged that the meat they are eating doesn’t meet what they consider to be the modicum of compassion that must be given to animals destined to become food.

In the course of the debate, far too much attention has been paid to the cultural and religious aspects of the situation and not enough has been paid to the non-issue that different methods of slaughter actually represent.

There is a huge misrepresentation here, which is that certain methods of slaughter are “humane”, and other methods are not. There is no method of raising an animal to become food that is humane, kind or compassionate. The outrage over a minor difference in technique, not only directs an unfair amount of criticism at Islam, but gives those doing the criticism an undue sense of self-satisfaction.

The prejudice and scrutiny directed at Islam has only increased in the west since 2001. A media outrage over Halal meat offers the public one more point of contention between Islamic culture and the west. This is also an opportunity for proponents of so-called “humane” methods of slaughter to aggrandize the differences in technique in order to claim a moral high ground.

No one who eats meat is in a position to criticize another person who eats meat for not being compassionate enough. If customers were genuinely concerned about the well-being of animals, they would cease to eat animals.

Media groups do more harm than good when they criticize specific methods of slaughter and do not address the larger problem — which is that animals are being slaughtered at all. By condemning certain methods of slaughter there is the implication that other methods are acceptable.

Do not allow yourself to be swayed by accusations that certain groups, Jews, Muslims, or anyone else is more cruel to animals than other groups. The differences in methods represent only an arbitrary and vapid distinction that has no moral foundation. If you care about animals, take a stand against all methods of slaughter and all methods of animal exploitation and torture.

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Nancy T.
Nan Towle5 years ago

It doesn't matter what religion you follow, if you follow one. It's about eating meat and the life of a sentient being that it treated horribly through its life until its own personal horrible death. None of it is humane.

Pego R.
Pego R5 years ago

Yes, Sarah D Some of us do know the difference between CAFOs and family steadings

Pego R.
Pego R5 years ago

Thank you for the link LisaP Not too many who follow Mac seem much interested in sharing anything but propaganda memes and self satisfied, information free rhetoric but the few who do have something else to say are much appreciated. Have you seen Temple Grandin's research site? http://www.grandin.com/index.html

Jackie D.
Jackie D5 years ago

"I am posting a link to a scientific study regarding the bolt stunning slaughter and halal slaughter that was conducted in Germany to determine which method was the least painful. Most people believe that bolt stunning is painless"

Pity it's not possible to ask the cow, sheep, lamb or pig how it actually feels to have their throat cut? Given the choice denied the animal, I'd prefer a bolt in the head to knock me senseless rather than be garrotted by a knife and live for 5 whole minutes (or however long it takes) in fear and pain listening to the bellows, bleats, baas and squeals of fellow victims. Also who funded the study? I mean, scientific studies are all well and good, but if vested interests were behind it you would do as well to ask dear Aunt Maude her opinion.

Jackie D.
Jackie D5 years ago

"No one who eats meat is in a position to criticize another person who eats meat for not being compassionate enough."

Ritual slaughter will never be banned if the vote depends on vegans and vegetarians. There's not enough of us unfortunately to make a difference! Putting meat eaters off side will do nothing to help animals who are having their throat cut while still conscious.

Kathryn B.
Kathryn B5 years ago

We humans will go to ANY lengths to kill! It seems that everywhere you turn, killing is what we are about. I do NOT support ANY of the justifications that are used to torture helpless animals. Like someone said on another post, these sentient beings would vote to live. Let's celebrate life and stop so much senseless, cruel, torturous killing, period!

Rebecka B.
Rebecka B5 years ago

I´m so sick of all the nasty acts in the name of religion. Ok, so it´s discriminating to be anti halal and koshermeat... then it is also discriminating not to support young girls being married or having their vaginas destroyed because their future husband wants a virgin!

valda p.
valda p5 years ago

As Linda Mcartney said ,if slaughter houses had glass walls no one would eat meat,if you are Muslim you are controlled by Sharia Law,so the killing has to be Halal changing of our customs by stealth is so arrogant ,if the situation was reversed and Muslims were having their meat slaughterd by stunning ,imagine the outcry,to me both methods are so cruel and horrific,we all have cut our finger and know how it hurts could you imagine having your throat cut and left dying in agony your life blood slowly ebbing away?Muslims have the luxury of freedom of religion in Western countries,I personally am against our ways and customs being altered to accomodate a minority,they have no compassion for animals as they are taught by their imams animals are dirty,you only have to see the videos on the live animal export and see how these poor animals are treated when they arrive in their country,yes I am a vegetarian ,at least I am not contributing to their pitiful death,'We have biult slaughterhouses for animals and hospitals for ourselves.'

Lisa Price
Lisa Price6 years ago

sorry...this is the link to the study (please read my post below before reading this link)


Lisa Price
Lisa Price6 years ago

I am posting a link to a scientific study regarding the bolt stunning slaughter and halal slaughter that was conducted in Germany to determine which method was the least painful. Most people believe that bolt stunning is painless but if you read this study(it is rather long so bear with it),you will find that it is actually painful to bolt stun.whichever method of slaughter is used to kill the animal,it is painful at the time of applying either the bolt or the knife and none are really humane. I changed my view of halal slaughter after reading up on it and not just going with the majority in this country who are misinformed about the bolt stunning method.by the way i am not a vegetarian