BREAKING: EPA, DOT Unveil Improved Fuel Economy Labels

Early Wednesday, EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson and U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood held a joint press conference in which they unveiled a new, national fuel economy label for vehicles.

Reducing the burden of increased gas prices on American families is a priority for the Obama administration, said the heads of both departments. It’s their belief that the updated, easier to understand labels will help consumers take advantage of increased efficiency standards.

Starting with model year 2013, manufacturers will be required to affix the improved fuel economy labels to all new passenger cars and trucks –- both conventional gasoline powered and “next generation” cars, such as plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles.

It has been over 30 years since the fuel economy labels have been overhauled.

The labels now provide more comprehensive fuel efficiency information, including estimated annual fuel costs, potential savings, as well as an assessment of each vehicle’s environmental impact.

“Today’s car buyers want the best possible information about which cars on the lot offer the greatest fuel economy and the best environmental performance,” said EPA Administrator Jackson. “The new labels provide comprehensive information to American car buyers, helping them make a choice that will save money at the gas pump and prevent pollution in the air we breathe.”

One of the most notable additions to the fuel economy labels is a QR code that will make it easy for smartphone users to estimate fuel costs and savings when shopping for a vehicle.

By scanning the code with their smartphone, users will have access to online information about how various models compare on fuel economy and other environmental and energy factors, such as how much a kWh of electricity costs in their neighborhood.

The tool will also allow consumers to enter personal information about their typical commutes and driving behavior in order to get a more precise estimate of fuel costs and savings.

For those without smartphones, the same customizable tools can be found at

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Jerry t.
Jerold t5 years ago

Ummm, doesn't this label rely on static fuel prices? Fixed pricing? Used to be illegal.

Wioletta S.
Wioletta S5 years ago

I like this

Bernadette P.
Berny p5 years ago

The more expensif you make it ...the less people will use any form or shape...this is the only way we will save this planet!!!

Linda E.
Linda E6 years ago

The labels are an excellent idea. But if the goal is to reduce the cost of fuel to consumers as the article says, the profits of oil companies should be limited also which would have a bigger impact by reducing the price of gasoline.

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers6 years ago

I like the idea.

Bernadette P.
Berny p6 years ago

anything to help with polution is great news...for us.....NOT for the oil cie!!!!

Finica Daniel Radu

Well the best Energy efficient ideas are being hold by the oil companies since they bought anything that can hurt their business.

Monica D.
Monica D6 years ago

Walking, cycling and taking public transport will do more to reduce CO2 emissions, but it is still good to use a fuel efficient car if you have to drive.

Monica D.
Monica D6 years ago

Most fuel-efficient vehicle: a bike!

Dave C.
David C6 years ago

use the epa fuel economy site often to report my fuel efficiency and have been underwhelmed by the quality...suspect this is just more stuff to be ignored or overlooked, but its worth a try for those willing to make the effort to buy a fuel efficient vehicle (I suspect this is a minority based on the majority of people I know who have bought new cars in the past 5 years...although becoming more of an issue especially with the rise in gas prices)...