Fake Concrete-filled Walnuts Being Sold in China

Written by Kimberley Mok

With news of melamine-contaminated baby formula, exploding watermelons and other industry shenanigans with global implications, China’s food safety reputation has taken a hit in recent years. Now there are reports of concrete-filled walnuts being sold extensively that are going viral, thanks to small-time vendors trying to maximize profits.

Chinese news clearinghouse The Ministry of Tofu reports a recent story:

Mr. Li bought 2.5 kilos of walnut from a street vendor in Zhengzhou city, Henan province on February 15. After he got home and cracked open some of them, he found that inside walnuts were broken concrete chunks. In order to reap more profit, vendors cracked open walnuts that have a thin husk, took out the nutmeat, put concrete nuggets inside and seal the husk with glue. To prevent the concrete nugget from knocking on the husk and making noises, the counterfeiters wrapped it with paper.

Vendors apparently make more money if the modified shells and nutmeats are sold separately, and the sale of these “rock walnuts” is becoming so widespread that there are even online videos (like the one above) on helping consumers spot fake walnuts and how to return them (apparently, a fake walnut is dry and won’t make a sound when cracked).

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Czerny A.
Czerny A.3 years ago

Crack open the walnut, take out the nut, refill with concrete, glue shell, wrap with paper--all this work just to make a dishonest living. Only the morally corrupt Chinese can think up something so base.

Veronica N.
Veronica N.3 years ago

Think about this type of thing next time you hear someone knock the FDA in the U.S. This sort of thing was rampant before the Food and Drug Association was initiated.

Sadly, the Chinese government does more to harm its people than to help them. It's a shame we've become so indebted to them when we should be refusing trade with them on ethical grounds. They've had the world's youngest political prisoner (imprisoned when he was 5 yrs old) in custody for 18 years and counting. And that's just the tip of the human rights atrocity iceburg...

Kelly Lowry
Kelly Lowry3 years ago

So many animals are slaughtered in horrific ways for "Chinese Medicine" and this HA no surprise here

Bornita Quader
Bornita Quader3 years ago


Connie O.
Connie O.3 years ago

another reason not to buy food from China!

Connie O.
Connie O.3 years ago

good grief...

Rebecca B.
Rebecca B.3 years ago

This is disgusting.

Angela B.
Angela B.3 years ago

Goodgravy, the greed of another human being never seems to surprise me...though it has the tendency to break my heart every time i hear a story such as this. Thanks for the share, and for bring this to light,

Deborah Hearne
Deborah Hearne3 years ago

I hate it when people down China when the same stuff probably happens in their own country. Scams happen everywhere. I have been scammed several times in the United States. In the United States, companies market something that is a mix of different chemicals as juice. If you buy a hamburger, it is filled with so much other stuff and is very little beef. Also, people forget it is legal to glue together a piece of meat to make it look bigger or pump meat full of salt water? People are always going to scam people to get them to pay more for something. It is up to the consumer to take cautions, make sure they report the scams, and warn other consumers about the scams.

Pauline G.
Pauline Goh3 years ago

This is just too much.