Frogs Can Hop Over The Dissection Table At This High School

Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley, CA won’t be dissecting frogs in their science labs any longer.

The high school is the first in the country to accept a challenge by the Animal Welfare Institute to use an alternative method called Digital Frog 2.5.

The Animal Welfare Institute, a nonprofit organization that has been “working to alleviate animal suffering” for the past 60 years, has partnered with Digital Frog International in a contest organized by Save the Frogs.

The contest called, “Race to Stop Dissections” asks students and teachers to get their schools and school districts to stop frog dissection programs.

The first 25 schools that accept the challenge will receive Digital Frog 2.5, which was voted the best dissection alternative program by eSchool News.

Digital Frog 2.5 is an interactive virtual dissection program that allows students to learn about anatomy without taking the life of a real animal.

In addition to receiving Digital Frog 2.5, one school will also win cash prizes and have Dr. Kerry Kriger, founder of Save the Frogs speak at their school. Save the Frogs hopes to have every school in the U.S. stop frog dissection programs by 2014.

“AWI commends Rancho Verde High School for abandoning its dissection program and using dissection alternatives to teach biology. This type of animal-friendly education is more humane, more effective, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and does not teach students to rationalize the unjustified killing of animals,” said AWI President, Cathy Liss.

According to AWI,

Investigations into the capture, transport, warehousing and killing of animals destined for dissection show that the procurement of animals for dissection causes unnecessary suffering and death. Millions of frogs are taken from wetland habitats, piled into sacks and inhumanely killed by immersion in preservative. Frog populations are rapidly disappearing worldwide and the use of frogs for dissection is a contributor in many parts of the world. Frogs play a crucial role in wetland habitats, both as consumers of insects and as food for other species, and their extinctions can wreak havoc on entire ecosystems.

AWI reported that many teachers are questioning the value of dissection programs when modern technology can do the job and help students appreciate the role animals play in our world.

Cats, fetal pigs, grasshoppers, earthworms, mink, rats, mice, dogs pigeons and turtles are also used in school dissection programs.

AWI invites all high schools to take the challenge and stop dissection programs. The Race to Stop Dissections runs until December 1, 2011. Contest rules can be found at Save the Frogs/Dissections.

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Lui Bar
Past Member 5 years ago

This is cruel, i hated it high school. If there are 30 students, 30 frogs are killed, for absolutely nothing since students actually dont learn anything from that experience. It should be banned.

Andreia Capelo
Andreia Capelo6 years ago

Great news! :P

rene davis
irene davis6 years ago

thank you.

rene davis
irene davis6 years ago

thank you.

Alison V.
Alison Venugoban6 years ago

I didn't know that any schools anywhere in the world still practiced frog dissection, seeing as the frog populations globally are in such decline.

When I was a child it was a common sight to see the pond near our farmhouse full of tadpoles and at night you could hardly hear yourself speak for the singing of the males.

Fifty years later and there's not only no tadpoles, but the night has been silent for decades...

valda p.
valda p6 years ago

When I went to school -a long time ago ,we were never asked to dissect a frog etc.if they had ,I would never have done so,and if this is done in schools?that is so wrong,and I say to any school child ,be true to yourself and refuse to be a part of this barbaric cruelty,are the animals alive?if so ,how can we condem China ,aren't we doing the same?

Judith Corrigan
Judith Corrigan6 years ago

If this computer programme is as good as dissection, then there is no need for animals to die.

Jeramie D.
Jeramie D6 years ago

It freaked me out at Michigan State University when all freshman had to take a biology class that included dissecting the same cat all semester. Also a frog. I hope they will stop all of this useless waste and horror.

Victoria M.
Past Member 6 years ago

good stuff...

and really , someone voted no?


Karen B.
Past Member 6 years ago

My friends daughter, when told to experiment on a rat in school, quietly put "Ben" in her pocket and took him home.
She made a little harness for him and he played in the back yard and went for walks!