Genetically Modified Crops are Poisoning Us – On Purpose

Much of the controversy surrounding genetically modified crops has to do with the fears of unintended side effects — new food allergens, accidentally creating invasive species and even potential abuses of patent law. What we don’t usually consider is the intended purpose of these plants: these GM crops are being bred specifically to be more resistant to pesticides and herbicides.

So what about the people eating these plants? Unfortunately, we haven’t been genetically altered to better bear the toxic load of these chemicals. (And neither have the bees which pollinate these plants.) So while GM soybeans and corn thrive despite being repeatedly doused in poison, human beings aren’t faring so well. In fact, studies show that prenatal exposure to pesticides is linked to ADHD-like behaviors, slowed mental development and lower IQ scores in children. Many of these pesticides are also known to cause cancer and hormonal disruptions in humans.

The growing body of evidence against pesticides and GMOs apparently isn’t enough to stop U.S. government agencies like the USDA from approving plants intended to be used with more and more toxic substances. In fact, a new variety of Bayer soybean engineered to be more resistant to the herbicide isoxaflutole (IFT) has just received the green light — despite the EPA’s warnings that the substance is a probable human carcinogen. IFT not only triggers liver and thyroid tumors in rats — it’s also highly toxic to most vegetables, aquatic animals and wild plants. It’s so toxic that three states (Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota) have already raised concerns about its effects on human health and the environment.

It gets worse. Dow Agrosciences is currently awaiting USDA approval of 2,4-D-resistant corn and soybeans — an herbicide used in the 1940s that was used to create Agent Orange and has been linked to fatal immune system cancers in farmers.

Sadly, this approach is nothing new for the USDA. First-generation GM crops like Monsanto’s Roundup Ready plants were designed to be resistant to the herbicide glyphosate — which has become so widely-used in U.S. farming that it’s nearly wiped out milkweed, a plant necessary to the survival of Monarch butterfly populations. It’s also created an epidemic of glyphosate-resistant weeds that no longer respond to common herbicides.

Not only are GM crops specifically designed to be more toxic to consumers — they’re also inherently unsustainable. In the long run, over-reliance on these pesticides and herbicides only creates new breeds of weeds and pests that are resistant to common chemicals, resulting in the need for crops which can withstand progressively more dangerous pesticides.

Unfortunately, an estimated 60-80% of processed foods in American grocery stores currently contain GMOs, and they are not required to be labeled on the package. So if you want to avoid these toxic crops, your best bet is to avoid packaged foods, purchase organic produce and do your research on the companies behind your favorite treats.


Photo credit: United Soybean Board


Jim Ven
Jim Ven11 months ago

thanks for sharing.

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Dorothy N.
Dorothy N3 years ago

Should have been 'approvals'; missed a key.

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N3 years ago

Camille F., if the FDA approves a crop specifically created and intended to be sprayed with a substance, that substance is part of the package.

Whether or not the continual approval of such toxic food products are intended to damage/destroy the environment and sicken and kill animals and humans, the fact remains that these are known to be likely to do so, are unnecessary, and not worth the risk levels inflicted on an unwitting/unwilling population and environment simply to increase the power and profit of a ruthless and greedy corporation known to be intent on monopolizing the global food supply.

The FDA is, at best, showing its willingness to sicken and kill for commercial industry profiteering - when it was created to protect health and natural life, to safeguard the people it's intended to serve.

Camille Fullington

It is too bad whoever wrote this didn't "do their research". .Approving a GMO crop is NOT the same as approving the target herbicide; the GMO crop does not automatically contain the toxins, it still has to be sprayed with it. The implied link between between autism, ADHD, IQ scores andGMO doesn't exist. Poiusons, yes.GMO, no.

"Not only are GM crops specifically designed to be more toxic to consumers" ... is utter nonsense.I'd like to see some hard science supporting this claim instead of 'tinfoil hat' propaganda.

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more stuff to worry about! Thanks for the info

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Buy organic!

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Scary stuff...thank you for the information