Get a Little, Give a Lot


Imagine that every time you bought something, someone in need would get one too. This is the idea behind the “buy one –give one” business model Certified B Corp ecojot implemented in January of 2010. For every one of four different kinds of qualifying journals sold (there are some journals that aren’t part of the buy one-give one program), they donate a workbook to a child in need. EcoJot customers help put an essential learning tool in the hands of kids around the world. To date, EcoJot has sent over 130,000 workbooks to kids throughout Africa, The Caribbean, and Canada.

Mark Gavin, co-owner of ecojot has seen the effects of the “buy one –give one” model first hand. In October 2010 he traveled to Kenya to distribute workbooks, along with other donated supplies such as pencils, pens, erasers, and loose paper. After all, what good is a notebook if you can’t write in it? This September, Mark set out again, this time to Haiti. The ecoJot team distributed 22,000 notebooks and other supplies to 35 schools in the Port-Au-Prince area.

So why does ecojot hand deliver their workbooks?

“As someone who lives in North America, its really hard to understand that poverty is a huge problem around the world if you don’t actually see it for yourself,” Gavin says. “It’s important for me to immerse myself in the heat, dust and poverty of these countries. ecojot believes that education and literacy are the key to eradicating poverty. Kids become educated and contribute towards the improvement of their communities. Families and schools can simply not afford to provide basic school supplies. ecojot and our “buy one- give one” program shows that a business can be profitable AND change the world.


Check out some ecojot videos of their trip!



Vicki W.
Vicki W.4 years ago

Hi Emma - Just to let you know you can buy Ecojot products in the UK from Thanks.

Anastasia Z.
Anastasia Z5 years ago

Thank you! I wish there were more companies like yours!

sandra m.
Past Member 5 years ago

Thanks..something good

Naomi M.
Naomi Miskimins5 years ago

Thanks. Very good idea.

Magdalena K.
Past Member 5 years ago

sounds like a good idea

Mark Gavin
Mark G5 years ago

Cristian - yes its a selfish world, but there are clearly lots of people who are unhappy with the status quo (as can be seen with the Occupy Wall St movement). The key is to convert that negative energy into something positive.

Cristian Prisacariu
Past Member 5 years ago

I thought that the motto in our current society is "Get as much as you can, give nothing"... I would like to see when this will change...

Penny C.
penny C5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Alice A.
Alice Anderson5 years ago

I donated large shopping bag of notebook filler paper to Methodist mission to Liberia. A woman with a car came and got it from me last year--school supplies donated put in container and sent to Methodist schools in Liberia. Alice

Mark Gavin
Mark G5 years ago

Hi Emma - we do supply some Paperchase stores in the UK. We are in the flagship store on Tottenham Court Road as well as many other branches. They have our card packs as well as a nice selection of our notebooks. Thanks!