Gizmo the Service Dog (VIDEO)

Yesterday we showed you Shaina, a dog from an animal shelter who learned to provide comfort to people in hospitals and nursing homes. 

Today we move on to service dogs, trained to assist people with disabilities who need help with simple things like turning on lights, opening doors, picking up dropped articles, etc. This takes more training, but it means everything to a person who can’t do these things for herself. 

Gizmo is now ten years old and her life has been as fulfilling for her, as for her mistress…

Photo credit: Sean Lamb
please note: the image above is not of Gizmo


Virginia Tucker
.3 years ago

Way to go Gizmo! Service dogs are phenomenal animals and should be loved and respected. I'm currently advocating to get the negative stigma toward using pit bulls as service dogs in my state of West Virginia changed to a more positive light like these amazing creatures deserve. Please check out my cause and share it will others who feel the same admiration for these loving, dependable service dogs.

mary l.
mary l.5 years ago

Good job Gizmo

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.6 years ago

Way to go Gizmo. You are doing a great servic for your owner.
Most dogs do like to have jobs to do. Our seniors lodges have special days when puppies to grown dogs are brought in, and to watch them together is wonderful! In our small town they also train rescue dogs and to watch them train and ccatch on so fast is amazing.

Beryl F.
Beryl Furman6 years ago

I'm not convinced that dogs have a good life in service. Can they meet other dogs, do they ever get a good long walk in the nature? Many questions arise if you think of it from the dogs perspective. What happens when these people stay in hospitals . . .
But certainly in this relationship is something good for the dog too. Or ....?

Lee Grove
Lee Grove6 years ago

She's a wonderful dog! But, I'm so sorry for her poor owner, who is wheelchair-bound because of her weight, it appears. How much better-off they BOTH would be if the woman would become mobile through weight-loss. Indeed, even if the excess weight is not the cause of her disability, the over-all condition of both the dog and her owner would be far better if the woman lost 200 pounds. A truly sad situation, only partly redeemed by the remarkable dog.

Lynn C.
Lynn C.6 years ago

Don't you just love her pantaloons...

Lynn C.
Lynn C.6 years ago

Don't you just love her pantaloons...

Mark Broome
Mark Broome6 years ago

Great video, Gizmo is a very very cute little dog, and very smart and helpfull.

Manuela C.
Manuela C.6 years ago

Gizmo rules!

Carol Cowbrough
Carol Cowbrough6 years ago

Lovely dog.