Natural Disasters of 2010: The Wrath of Global Warming (Video)

It’s hard to believe that there are educated people who continue to deny global warming. Just this year we have seen floods in Pakistan, China and the United States, record heat in Russia, massive ice melts in the Arctic … and the list goes on and on. Not to mention this has been the warmest on record. And we’re likely in store for more next year.

This video shows a glimpse of each disaster and asks us to do our part to stop global warming.

Photo credit: UK Department for International Development


Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin5 years ago

Whole nations are disappearing due to global warming. Summer of 2010 was the hottest ever recorded, in some places more rain fell in a few days than it does in a normal year. Anyone who doesn't see the signs of a tired and fed up nature have to get their eyes examined and their brains re-aquipped with intelligence!

Divya D.
Divya D.6 years ago

yes...we should save our of the best way is to plant more trees rather than deforestation

Ramil Rosales Aninon
Ramil A6 years ago

absolutely right..we have to save the planet...

Angie Bannister
Angie Bannister6 years ago

Yes we need to save the planet!

Alison A.
Alison A6 years ago

It makes you think, thanks for posting.

Elizabeth O.
.6 years ago

We should all play our part in saving the Earth.

Past Member
Heather T6 years ago

My late Mother said years ago when the beautiful Amazon Forests were depleted that the Ecosystem was being damaged. How right she was.

Jennifer Hester
Jennifer Hester6 years ago

In Florida, last year, we had a freezing cold winter. There are so many people that say there is no such thing as global warming because of how cold it got here. People don't seem to understand how bad global warming is! It's scary, and until people start to believe it, it can't be changed.

sergei lindmets
sergei lindmets6 years ago

Thank you for the info

dve d.
aa b6 years ago

i blame it on the planes fumes. oeople should stay in the own country