GoodGuide Makes Conscious Consuming Easy

We all know the importance of our purchasing decisions but sometimes it can be down-right overwhelming. We now have thousands of choices and need PhDs just to understand all the labels and certifications. Luckily, there’s GoodGuide to take care that. Created to empower the public with better information on the environmental, social and health performance of companies; this B Corp provides the tools to make good decisions. Using thousands of different criteria, their team of scientists have created an easy, comprehensive way to compare products. To further simplify your life, you can sort and filter options using personal preferences. GoodGuide advances transparency and supports better market functioning so you can support positive change with your dollar.

With an easy-to-use online format, comprehensive data and understandable ratings, it would seem their job was done. However GoodGuide has gone even further and created an iPhone application. Now you can scan a barcode with the camera and see the full rating in seconds. There’s no need to plan ahead or only shop online — accurate information is available in the aisle and at your convenience. There’s no longer any excuse not to make thoughtful purchases.

With roots as a research project, this organization has always been about more than profit. From the start, it was key to structure GoodGuide around its social and environmental mission. After careful research and work with Todd Johnson, they created articles of incorporation that go even further than the baseline B Corp standards. GoodGuide enhances B Corps’ work, increasing transparency, and helps consumers see which businesses are truly committed to their mission. With these values deeply engrained in all they do, becoming certified was a simple decision.

GoodGuide has accomplished so much and yet still pushes further. Soon they will move beyond the iPhone to Android and other mobile carriers. As technology improves, more platforms become available and this B Corp is keeping up! New categories will also be added, from paper products to electronics. Clear, accurate information is now at your fingertips. There’s no reason not to make informed decisions. 

Put you money where your heart is, Better Know GoodGuide.

photo credit: thanks to Elsie esq. via flickr
by Katie Kerr, B-Lab


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