GOP Demands Planned Parenthood Stop Performing Abortions, Other Cuts To Keep Government Running


Considering there is a new fiscal crisis created every few weeks in Congress, it was only a matter of waiting to find out what the next great shutdown flashpoint would be.

It should be surprising to no one that it’s about, among other things, defunding Planned Parenthood.

House Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Denny Rehberg, a Republican from Montana, has offered up a draft bill that, if passed, would not only gut programs that offer a leg up for the poor and middle class, such as Pell Grant programs and heating assistance, but it would also put the entirety of funding for health care reform on hold until the Supreme Court rules on the law, and cut off some forms of aid to the disabled.

But the biggest piece?  It would deny any form of federal funding to Planned Parenthood until it stops performing abortions altogether.

Committee members are already up at arms over all of the proposals in the bills.  Congresswoman Rosa Delauro of Connecticut stated, “Remarkably, these particular health care providers—and the patients they serve—would be denied federal funding for any purpose unless they agree to stop providing a lawful medical service using funds from patients and other non-federal sources. The main effect would probably be to prohibit Medicaid patients from choosing to receive services such as contraception and cancer screenings from Planned Parenthood clinics.”

Once more, reproductive health funding for the poor is just being used as a poker chip in trying to get whatever other cuts the Republican party wants.  But it’s a ploy that, used over and over again, might eventually work, especially now that the GOP has shown itself more than willing to throw the entire country into chaos to have their own way.   And with the taxpayer funded congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood already being proposed this week, it’s becoming more obvious that the health care provider is a target they very much want to take out in the end.


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Boony McHugh
Reverend Boony5 years ago

G.O.P. = Greedy Old Pricks OR Greedy Old Perverts.

I would also add that with as much harm as this party has done to america overall, I'd call them traitors as well.

Women are not just an important part of society, theyre also a blessing and should be treated with the same respect as we treat men.

Citizen G-Karl
Karl Heinemann5 years ago

As a very ~pragmatic~ matter, not a matter of moral or "values", I wonder whether it might make sense for Planned Parenthood to separate their contraception advising/education and provision services from their abortion services. This might give our legislators to ability to propose and debate funding for these two practices as separate line-items in the budget, so that Planned Parenthood might stand a chance of holding on to their public funding for contraceptive services, rather than "losing it all" because of widespread objections to abortion.

Of course, this proposal might come to naught, if our more conservative legislators really mean to "wage a war on sexual freedom" in general.

Donald B.
Donald Burnison5 years ago

What a paradox; the party of "NO" wants to outlaw womens rights, but has no problem starting wars for personal agendas ie. Cheneys' lust for oil and the wealtlh it suggests that kills others who lust for this oil in addition to all the innocent human beings know as "Collateral Damage".

Donald B.
Donald Burnison5 years ago

It would be better if the GOP would try to clean up their own party before attempting to dictate to any other group ie. the "Tea Party". But the T/P is just one more tool for the GOP to try to control our nation for the benefit of their personal agenda where money is their God and wealth their religion. To understand how destructive the GOP behavior is to our society one only has to read the Preamble to our Constitution or our Bible.

K s Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Carole L.
Carole L.5 years ago

Emanuel v

Yeah, we wouldn’t want women to decide when and if they become mothers.

i'll bet all these jackasses posting against women's rights are those who get paid by the righty-tighties for every bs post.

Carole L.
Carole L.5 years ago

Gayle R.
“Why can't these people work on real issues that matter to the entire population rather than wasting time dictating how people should live their lives and telling them what they can and can't do with their bodies? Looks like "small government" means they'll do away with all social safety nets and hang out in our bedrooms.”

They’ll put tiny cameras in our uterus's so they can see when we’re having sex. and it'll be our 'fault' if we don't conceive, so then they can put us in jail for sex wout conception.

Carole L.
Carole L.5 years ago

David J.
“Sorry Planed Parenthood, we're not buying your shell game any more. This money's for abortions and this federal money is for all the other stuff. You're just going to have to pay for abortions and your advocacy of abortions with your own money- that's why the media calls you pro-choice instead of the more accurate pro-abortion.”

Oh blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Carole L.
Carole L.5 years ago

Mike C
“I think ladies have a choice, keeping their knees together, past that it's their responsibility not the governments using my tax money.”

So you take no responsibility for the consequences of where you put your pecker. You’re probably one of those Jackasses who; “don’t like taking a bath with your sox on.”
my answer to that is: better a bath with sox, than no bath at all.

In ancient times the women got tired of their men warring, so they said stop making war or no more sex. Perhaps, we “ladies” as you call us, should say no more sex until you quit trying to take away Our Choice of whether or not to become pregnant.

Carole L.
Carole L.5 years ago

Jeffery W.
What is it with all the morons who think tax dollars go towards abortions. Read the Hyde Amendment. “We don't want to pay for abortions with our tax money. If Planned Parenthood insists on killing babies, it needs to do so with its own money.”

We don’t pay for abortions with our tax money. If you were paying attention you’d know that. I don’t want my tax dollars going for illegal wars.