GOP To States: Stop Looking For Poor Children To Insure!


For many poor children — and their families — the ability to access health care has literally meant the difference between growing up strong and being plagued by chronic illness.  Access to doctors, well-checks, preventative care and the ability to treat smaller illnesses and conditions before they can grow into something devastating, and all without bankrupting already struggling families, has literally been a lifesaver.

And Republicans think we need to nip that in the bud.

In the latest budget reconciliation package is a proposal to cut $400 million in bonus money used by states to find and enroll children who are likely to qualify for and benefit from CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program).  Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, told Politico, “The whole purpose of the funds is to make sure that children who are eligible based on state-determined standards have an easier time — rather than a harder time — getting enrolled.”

But Republicans want to gut the funds, claiming they lead to potential enrollment fraud.  Who are these children who might be “fraudulently” added to the program when they don’t belong?  Children of parents who are on public assistance.

Considering both the low amount of financial assistance received from the federal government, as well as the application process that must be undergone to enroll, it’s pretty much a given that any parent on public assistance will have children that are eligible for CHIP.  By delaying their entry into the program, Republicans are declaring that they would rather put children’s long term health in jeopardy in order to score political points and say they are allegedly “battling waste and fraud.”

It’s highly doubtful that this amendment will make it through the Democratic-controlled Senate.  But it’s the fact that it can even be proposed in the first place that should have us all thinking about who Republicans are really trying to protect.


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Stanley Rampersad
Stanley Balgobin4 years ago

The GOP party of violence, War and Greed. The Pee party agenda to eliminate the poor, the ill, elderly, unemployed. The neo-con repugliscum rabid right wing would private schools, prisons, libraries, parks, the post-office, the utility companies to squeeze an extra buck for the working poor. Never vote GOP

Martin Koolstra
Martin Koolstra4 years ago

@ Robbie C. That's a debate we are having right now, no ranting. Life is a serious business, not a thing to take lightly. We, the USA and Canada, were one time very close friends but the direction we are both taking leads us into a schism in both countries between the people who, almost perversely, cling on one side to the great capitalistic ideology and on the other hand to the more socialistic one. There seems to very little in between.. It is the old US and Them dilemma of protectionism.
To me it is a simple rule, like the Golden rule, which Jesus preached, look after your fellow men. The more than 400 billionaires in the USA want to keep all their money to them selves, and they have the right to, on the other hand there are people who need help, not a hand out. just a push to get them back on track and billionaires are in the position to do this. The simple reasoning in social system countries is" live and let live", in the USA is,: It's my money and everyone has to look after themselves; contrary what Jesus preached. Yet there seemed to be a much greater number Of Christians in the USA than in Canada and Europe.

Robby C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Martin- good points, but, the problem w/obamacare is that people are being forced to buy insurance, when insurance companies are a large part of the reason why our healthcare sytem is in crisis in the first place. Another would be pharmaceutical companies, but you probably already know that, as I'm sure you're aware that Americans flock across Candian borders regularly, to buy medicine's at FAR cheaper prices (I mean that sincerely, not sarcastically). I don't know how bad the illegal problem is in Canada, but in the US, it's gotten pretty damn bad. Just the cost of deporting so many is huge, but to catch, incarcerate, process, etc, is astronomical. We can only handle so much. I don't begrude someone for wanting a better life, but going about it illegally doesn't help anyone. And those who support illegals by employing them under the table are part of the problem too. They benefit off of them on one hand (by virtual enslavement) & then whine about them at the same time. But worse still, is the crime illegal immigration brings w/it. Not that there isn't plenty of crime here anyway, but, we have to start somewhere. Again, I don't know how it is in Canada, but it seems a lot of Canadians are very happy in their country. And while the US isn't perfect, many are happy here too. We're just in a very tight spot right now & things are only getting worse. Very scary times indeed & the whole world could be affected by what happens here, at least to some extent.

Jen Matheson
Past Member 4 years ago

@Martin: No worries, I have no trouble being corrected when I get something wrong.
This is my first time encountering Chris and I assumed he was reasonable. I won't bother with him again.

Martin Koolstra
Martin Koolstra4 years ago

@ Robby C. Thanks for you reply to my rant. Yes it was a rant as Chris provoked me by spreading misinformation and disinformation about Canada.
You are right about many things but you also have to look at the other things that makes the US less caring for the average person's well being than Canada.
We don't deport illegal immigrants except for criminal or other reason which are detrimental to Canada. Most are allowed in and are investigated and offered welfare and housing. The USA deports hundreds if not thousands of illegals every week. In Guatemala alone 32,000 Guatemaltecos were returned to Guatemala in 2011. How many more to other countries?
Every Canadian citizen is covered by health care in each province and the 3 territories; no costs for surgeries, all hospital care, and visits to clinics.
It was a good system but there is a lack of control by the Federal and provincial governments; too much bureaucracy. I pointed out in another post that in the Netherlands health care is paid for by private insurance companies to which families and individuals pay around 250 Euros a month, depending of course to the number of family members. It is similar to what the USA has now with "Obamacare". I forgot the official nomenclature.
In Europe, and Canada, contrary to how most Republicans describe, we don't live in Socialist, or even totalitarian as Chris stated, countries but practice more the art of live and let live. I have lived in the Netherlands and Canada and

Robby C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Martin- I won't speak on Canadian health care b/c I don't know much about it, but...
"43 million people live in poverty In the US because of US system's of GREED and and lack of HUMANITY." Are you serious? What constitutes poverty? And, if the greed of this horrible, heartless country is responsible, then who's responsible for the rest of the world's poverty? 43M is almost nothing by comparison. 90% of the rest of the world is often considered to be below the poverty line by some reports (and in those cases, I think "poverty" means barely surviving). That's well over 6B(!). Who's responsible for their poverty? The US is one of the few w/programs in place to feed the hungry, when they can't afford to eat. The US allows illegal aliens into our borders & gives them benefits beyond what we give our own people. As despicable as that is, how many other countries would even allow illegals into their borders? The US has welfare, which, while being helpful & good, is also abused by many who just don't want to work. The US also has unemployment (99wks FFS!) available for those who can't (or won't) find work, as well as disability (another good program, but often abused), & countless other help programs. AND, the US sends billions of dollars, yearly, to countless other countries to provide food & shelter. I don't mean to be argumentative, but I get tired of the shots taken at the US when no other countries do as much for "humanity" as the "greedy" US.

Martin Koolstra
Martin Koolstra4 years ago

@ Jen; I am in danger of proving Chris right by correcting you Jen, sorry. but I am a Canadian and therefore polite. What you meant that Chris was implying that Canada practices Euthanasia, not Eugenics. Euthanasia is practiced legally
in the Netherlands, the only country that does so. Certainly NOT Canada as our ranting friend Chris implied amongst the many misleading facts he proffered. Pay no attention to Replublicans as they the segment of the US population less educated and more brainwashed. Just take a look at North Carolina who voted down Gay marriages as opposed to Canada who is amongst the 10 progressed nations who by federal law have voted for that.
Of course Chris would get a heart attack once he reads this post by telling him the Netherlands was the first nation to vote for gay marriage, followed by Belgium and Spain a predominant Catholic nation. The Us is falling more and more back in comparison with the rest of the developed world and is becoming more and more the laughing stock in the world. It is a fact that republicans can not see or want to hear about. Their minds are stuck in 1950
the so called good old days where women were treated as second class citizens. Enough of my rant. It was equal time for me in this debate...Rant??

Martin Koolstra
Martin Koolstra4 years ago

To my dear uninformed and ranting friend CHRIS.
I went back to my posting to find out what rot I had posted according to you.
To my surprise no ROT was to be found. I mentioned about the health care system in the Netherlands and the one in Canada.
I could NOT find any statement that I as a Canadian I am more educated than... what, who. Where did you get that from friend?
All I stated was that the Canadian health care system is overburdened and in need of an overhaul. Waiting times for Specialist are several months in some cases. But the system is hardly in collapse as you stated, and you MUST choose your own doctor, you lied about that. You went into several pages of rants like a typical REPUBLICAN how terrible Canada is as opposed to the USA. That my friend makes you a lunatic. 43 million people live in poverty In the US because of US system's of GREED and and lack of HUMANITY. I could go on with describing the GREAT humanitarian differences between the US and Canada but they fall on deaf ears to REPUBLICANS as they have been brainwashed to belief they live in the greatest country in the world. It is NOT so friend. I know you will rant over and over again but they fall on deaf ears by most commenters. You stand alone.

Jen Matheson
Past Member 4 years ago

CHrisL: Yes, the health care is better in the states *if you have the money to pay for it.* That is the way it works here too. If you have good insurance you're okay and if not you have some of the worst health care ever if none at all. I honetly have never heard of what you're talking about, so maybe I am ignorant of the facts. But I do know some senior citizens who make it out of thw hospital well. Maybe I'm mistaken in my interpretation of what you'r saying, but it sounded as though you were implying that all doctors were involved in eugenics, which doesn't make any sense to me.

Chris L.
Chris L.4 years ago

@ Jen M.

If it is true, you live in Canada, then you know what I speak of as fact. And, you admit to being ignorant of the US health care system, as you never lived there. I have lived in both.

You state: I know the Canadian health care systems is terrible, but we don't kill off all our senior citizens in the hospital.

Yes, you do. And, if you live in Canada, like you claim, and are aware of the "facts." Then you know Statistics Canada keeps track of all those that have died WAITING FOR CARE.

Either you really are ignorant of the facts, are so brainwashed by your propaganda news stations, or you are in utter denial. And, you know of which Prime Minister I speak of that went to the US for heart surgery, versus the choice of potential death. If you really do know the facts, that is.