Gov. Nikki Haley: “Women Don’t Care About Contraception”

As part of a book tour, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley visited ABC’s “The View” on Monday.

After being asked the statutory question about the Vice-Presidency — no, she doesn’t want to be on Mittens’ ticket — some softball questions and a hardball one about the Confederate flag, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the panel’s lone conservative, asked her about the contraception debate (aka The War On Women).

“Women don’t care about contraception,” Haley said, “they care about jobs and their families…”

The whole panel bristled. Joy Behar then said that women should care about contraception, to which Haley replied that “the media cares about contraception.” Haley then acknowledged that, yes, while women might care about contraception, they just want to be able to make those decisions themselves, without government involvement.

Watch the clip (via ABC/Mediate):

Haley’s final pivot to ‘no government involvement’ is interesting given how some Republican women have bought out of what is, indeed, a War On Women – one which is costing the GOP votes.

Women Republican’s disquiet has been documented. One New York Assemblyman, Teresa Sayward, has even shifted her support to the President over the issue.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski has said she regrets her vote for the Blunt Amendment, the bill that would allow any religious employer to object to contraception coverage and any other health care that he or she finds “morally objectionable.”

Haley’s comments suggests she wants to have it both ways, with a nod to GOP talking points, while claiming she supports non-government interference in women’s health.

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Photo credit: Albert Milliron via wikimedia commons


Eric Lees
Eric Lees4 years ago

@LD B.
"Guess you just chose to ignore her self-contradicting statements, like a good little neo-con."
I watched the whole video and I did not hear any contradiction from Gov. Nikki Haley. Are you referring to the end of the article which goes off topic and starts taking about what other GOP women said?

Eric L. said "Forcing insurance to pay for contraception or anything else just drives the cost. Why would women want that?"

"You mean like they are by paying for your Viagra? Hypocrite?"
Who said anything about Viagra?

"You seem to b totally clueless as to how insurance is intended to work by saying "Forcing insurance to pay for ... anything else ... ."
Am I? How it was intended to work and how it works now are not the same. Of course by forcing insurance to cover something only increases the cost for everyone else. It's really about making money for the huge pharmaceutical industry and not about improving healthcare.
It can be fixed but it would take a huge paradigm shift in how we view healthcare in America.

And now Obama wants to talk about gay marriage, just another distraction from the real issues.

KS Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Eric Lees
Eric Lees4 years ago

Good for her not letting the media distract from the real issues like the economy.

Forcing insurance to pay for contraception or anything else just drives the cost. Why would women want that?

Mary Driver
Mary Driver4 years ago

Hope she gets reelected!!

Walter G.
Walter G.4 years ago

Stephan B! the situation you describe already exists, it is called "Gay rights!" OK, all well and good, let's get up a "Gay rights" ticket. While it might be difficult to determine who the 'first lady' might be, they'll probably do better than the straits have been able to do for a couple of hundred failure-policied or more years! Might as well try them, nothing else has worked. One plus! Opposing nations' representatives would be oh, so caught off guard protocol-wise. I'm not slamming Gays, I'm not one of them, but consider this. They have fought for a long time to gain just a little ground They have not been handed anything on a political silver platter, they have political and street savvy, so think it over.

Walter G.
Walter G.4 years ago

If I was a female and had a face like that, I wouldn't care about contraception either!

Stephan B.
Stephan Brown4 years ago

Emagine how polite our american politics woud be if men needed the pill to control bleeding at 'that time of the month', and women had to have prostrate exams, with the prospect of them being positive, which is negative. There seem to be no empathy in our system(s).

Stephan B.
Stephan Brown4 years ago

I can see Haley and Palin on the same ticket to nowhere. They can take turns pretending to be superior to each other.

This is what happens when wanna be politicos think they have outgrown their handlers. Loved the movie about Palin. And they didn't even stress how geographically chalenged she truly is.

Muriel C.
Muriel C.4 years ago

She's kidding, right? The reason why we DO care about contraception is because we care about our families and jobs.

Catherine D.
Catherine D.4 years ago

Another female misogynist speaks its "mind".
I wonder where that silly female would be if not for contraception?
A hausfrau, a slave to its biology and chattel to its husband.