Gov. Perry Tries To Spin Women’s Health Cuts, Texans Push Back

On March 8th Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) announced he was moving ahead with killing off the popular and very successful Women’s Health Program. Now Texans are demanding Gov. Perry answer for this plan.

In a state where more than one-quarter of the women are uninsured the Perry administration’s move is nothing short of needlessly risking women’s lives. The Medicaid Women’s Health Program provides preventative care, including cancer screenings and contraception, to more than 130,00 low-income women each year.

But instead of seeing an opportunity to make the lives of the women in Texas better, Gov. Perry sees an opportunity to push women to the sidelines. In the last few months the state legislature passed a budget slashing the state’s family planning program by more than two-thirds, a cut that eliminates health care for 160,000 women per year. These cuts also affect services including life-saving Pap smears, clinical breast exams and birth control.

In response Planned Parenthood organized the “Don’t Mess with Texas Women” bus tour. The tour gives patients, providers, and coalition partners the opportunity to show their support for the women affected by the Perry administration’s cuts and to let the Texas legislature that women’s lives do matter.

You can follow the tour and lend your support here. It doesn’t matter if you live in Texas or not. All women’s lives count and the actions taken by the Perry administration should not go unchecked. Show your support for Texas women and let the Perry administration know that denying women access to health care services will not go unanswered.

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Photo from Planned Parenthood.


Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener4 years ago


Sheila D.
Sheila D.4 years ago

Perry is a misogynist. Good for those Texans who realize Perry is not working in women's best interests. As for those who want women to be more independent; having equal and adequate access to good health insurance is always a good start. Barring that, Planned Parenthood and the Medicaid Women’s Health Program seem to be on the right track to help women understand their options, especially now that some State governments are trying to get doctors to lie to their patients.

Sue T.
Susan T.4 years ago

and as a woman I get sick to death hearing how the government needs to help me !

What happened to womens empowerment!!??? Buy your own birth control, get a condom, sleep with a man who RESPECTS you, RESPECT yourself! why why why do you need a government run almost completely by men to "give" you birth control???? Where is your self respect!?

this is a backwards step for libs as far as I am concerned. Again I ask you Where has PERSONAL responsibility gone? if you can't afford birth control you can't afford a child and no form of birth control is 100%.

Sue T.
Susan T.4 years ago

@ raouf e... being a republican is more than being pro-life and as a reformed liberal I am still pro choice but believe in the fiscally conservatism of the republicans.
Truth be told they all suck ass and lie, and I wish more than anything that Ron Paul would win.

I wish the libs would stop telling me what is OK to say and the conservatives would get out of my personal life. they are all hipocrites

Sherry Cushman
Sherry C.4 years ago

He is a disgrace to the women and children of Texas.

Albert Rogers
Albert Rogers4 years ago

Then there's this label "Pro-Life". According to the old myth, even God made all kinds of living things, took at least four days to do it, and THEN put humans in charge. The Pro-Life pretenders care nothing about the rest of their God's living creation, and the upshot of their kind of thinking is a world that, if it were not using up the fossil remnants of 64 million years of sunshine (a.k.a.the Carboniferous) probably cannot sustain a third of the present human population.
I'm really not expecting a space-Noah to rescue the animals that will be the victims of this bout of human recklessness. People who think that we can continue to multiply and infest the Earth are NOT Pro-Life. But in the long run, the bacteria will rule, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be.

Albert Rogers
Albert Rogers4 years ago

The least sustainable of all human activities is not the driving of motor cars, even Hummers. It is the continuing rate of increase of more than one child, surviving to parenthood, per parent. Note that if a man has four wives, they can sustainably have five children, and so we need not forbid the Muslim permission of quadri-gamy. Or is it tetra-gamy?

Anyway, the idea of Planned Parenthood is to assist people who recognise this fact, and assist contraceptive access.
It is horiffying that the Vatican, in spite of its detestation of the abortions that are caused by lack of access to contraception, continues to oppose it. I hesitate to call the Pope evil and corrupt, but the doctrine of "You shall not interfere with God's plan to let you get pregnant if you engage in sex" is evil, corrupt, and illogical.

raouf e.
raouf El beleidy4 years ago

Planned Parenthood is a corrupt, evil organization? When will Texas cecede from the Union so we don't have to deal with all the right wing, warmongering a holes that populate that state. they wanted to ceceded not long ago. Please, please let them. The US would be a lot better off without all the idiots that live there. Then perhaps America can move out of the dark ages and join the rest of the civilized world.

raouf e.
raouf El beleidy4 years ago

I am not a woman but if i were I would think it inconceivable to be a republican unless I was born without a brain! Being a Republican woman is like being a Nazi Jew. Its just ignorant because its against one's own best interest. But I guess some of these republican women have been under male rule for so long that they have forgotten what being a woman is all about. i actually find them to be quite pathetic.

Frances C.
Frances C.4 years ago

Women don't need to justify their medical needs to anyone. We are the majority, and need to use that to vote out the medieval men who want to take away our rights. The fanatical religious right zealots are no different than the men who lived in the 13Th century.

Women listen carefully to the men when they speak. Listen to what they said in the past, and what to they wrote.

Santorum, Gingrich, Romney, Limbaugh, hannity, Walker, Paul, Cantor, Perry, McDonnell, and the rest of the tea party, along with the priests and preachers they hang with, are dangerous to women, and freedom.