Groups Urge Cuomo To Keep Fracking Ban


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo began to lift the ban on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, after the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) released its draft statement on fracking last week. The draft statement recommended that fracking be allowed in most areas of the state except the New York City and Syracuse watersheds, which leaves about 85 percent of the state open to fracking.

A coalition of non-profit groups demanded a statewide fracking ban. The Food & Water Watch, which is part of the coalition, calls it a “coalition of 47 consumer, faith, food, environmental and multi-issue advocacy organizations.” The coalition sent a letter signed by representatives from the 47 groups. About 150 people held a protest in Albany, calling for a statewide ban. The protestors held a press conference, then marched to the second floor of the capitol where they delivered the letter to Cuomo’s office.

“The DEC’s recommendations on fracking will turn many areas of New York into sacrifice zones, allowing this toxic, polluting practice at the detriment of public health, the environment and rural economies,” said Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter. “We urge Governor Cuomo to protect New York and its residents over the special interests of the oil and gas industry by banning hydraulic fracturing in New York State.”

“It’s wrong and unfair for the Cuomo administration to lift the ban on fracking, as it is a technology that has proven to destroy land, water, public health and economic growth,” said Lois Marie Gibbs, executive director of the Center for Health, Environment & Justice. Gibbs went on to say that allowing the rest of the state’s watersheds to be opened up to “hazardous drilling” is “despicable.”

“Fracked natural gas is a dirty fuel that will make global warming worse,” said Alex Moore, dirty fuels campaigner, Friends of the Earth. “Governor Cuomo should put clean water and a safe environment ahead of gas company profits.”

A letter written by Maura Stephens, co-founder of the Coalition to Protect New York, urges Cuomo to “not even consider lifting the moratorium” and tells him to “not succumb to industry/Wall Street pressure” by putting ” profits before our health.”

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Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener4 years ago

End ecocide!

William D.
William D.4 years ago

We have an infinite supply of sunlight and water. This can be harnessed now. The oil companies block it like, the big three blocked the Tucker Car. Clean. Sustainable. Electric... Burn hydrogen, get water, split water get hydrogen and oxygen. When your in a box and you cannot find a way out you must realize the truth. The box does not exist with the exeption that your mind creates it.

Grace Adams
Grace Adams4 years ago

I hope New York State keeps the ban on fracking too. We need to move from fossil fuel to sustainable energy BEFORE we run out. The world is already past peak oil--so much so that every time the economy recovers enough to increase demand for oil we get another oil shortage and price run up that causes another economic downturn. Some claim that fracking increases the world's economically recoverable supply of natural gas from about two years worth to about twenty years worth; others say from twenty years worth to forty years worth. Either way, that is within if not the lifetime of our present corporate leaders at least within the lifetimes of their children and/or grandchildren. It is estimated that we have a two hundred year supply of coal. For coal the problem is pollution rather than imminent shortages.

William D.
William D.4 years ago

Watch the movie planet of the apes. The old one... There are many lessons there for all.

William D.
William D.4 years ago

full of them. We live in a world that has been taught lies. I suggest you wake up into the light of day. When a human being awakens it is the coolest expresson of human existence. It is the birth right of all human beings. Many animals are already there...... It is only the human who is so arrogant that it destroys all things and believes that it is the lord of the earth doing what it wants without responsiblity to any and all actions. LIES spewed by fools does not make it right.

Who kills in excess so it can stockpile rediculous quantities? Who kills for sport. Who destorys its land , its water, its air, it's foood and its children. Who trys to destory and control any joy whatsoever that the human race has. ONLY HUMANS.

Salmon die for their young during spawning. Wolves only take the weak or the old keeping the gene pool strong. You could go on with species after species. Dolphin SAVE US. There have been MANY accounts of this. We kill them. We destory their waters. Otters have been BETTER problem solving skills than many HUMANS. You could go on. We are the insane species. The stance on fracking is just another line on the scroll of stupidity.

William D.
William D.4 years ago

I require no sarcasam. There are two types of people upon this planet those that agree with me now and those that agree with me later. A cooworker and I had heated words only twice in 11 years. The second time was in april. He said I was against technology. I said I suppose you like nuclear power. He said it was good. I said every costal reactor needs to be shut down NOW. I siad the next issue would make the last accident look small. I was quite irate. TWO DAYS LATER WAS JAPAN. You see the future is mine to see... This is not for ego, it is for the planet. The dependence on foriegn oil is a moronic statment set forth by people that mold your next step by giving limited options. You see water can be split and be burned just like natural gas.... Natural gas in liquid state or compressed hydrogen are both very explosive. Why is there not research on this? There was a man who made a resuable water source. It split then resused the water. When you burn hydrogen you get water. Split water you get hydrogen and oxegen. NO BYPRODUCTS. Arizona and Utah can provide all the solar energy required for the nattion. Throw in Nevada and New Mexico andit is all over. Why is that not done????????? ZERO EMISSIONS.... TIDAL.... WIND.....

This is not because it is difficult this is because it is blocked by those who want fracking and oil. The oceans will be come BLACK and the Shoals will become a cemetry.

Foolish people speak without knowing. I am in a world

William G.
William G.4 years ago

Bridget M - A nice post without sarcasm. Until technology solves the radiation issues with nuclear waste, I am for alternative methods. The problems with hydrofracking appear to be greatly overblown and we are able to solve these problems with current technology. The truth is often difficult to find now days. We can run the USA and vehicles on the plentiful natural gas produced within our own country. At this point in the new technology development, we can not feasibly jump totally to new technologies, but we can use the natural gas to 'fill the gap'. There is much more to the CO2 story than the present hype would suggest. Plants, animals, and mankind require CO2 in the atmosphere to survive. CO2 is now at a 600.000 million year low. Hype abounds. I have a 3 bedroom home in Florida and operate the total electric home at an average of $120 a month. I cut my driving in half. Everyone should work on conserving energy.

Bridget M.
Past Member 4 years ago

William G. Despite your sarcasm, I am inclined to agree with you on one point: We Americans want lots of energy to power all our stuff, but we don't want to deal with the fact that right now all we have is dirty power sources. When I was a kid, I could see what the downside of nuclear was and 3-mile island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima didn't change my mind. You can parade a panel of nuclear physicists before me to promote its safety, to talk of a glowing future (I'll bet) and I'd still rather walk to the store and cook on a wood fire than "Go Nuclear!". Ditto for hydrofracking. But I still see plenty of room for change, compromise, and development of new technology. We all have to stop crossing our arms and saying we're going to keep using just as much energy, but we won't even look at a new, clean technology because we've found something to nitpick instead of seeking a solution. How do we ever move forward?

William G.
William G.4 years ago

William D. - The crust of the earth is pretty risky. It contains radioactive materials, many poisonous materials and gases, and sometimes kills with earthquakes and volcanoes, etc. You could be working on a ban to get rid of the crust of the earth. You can except the crust of the earth and work with it like the rest of us. You could except the need of adequate energy sources and work with that too.

William G.
William G.4 years ago

Are we losing sight of the problem. We are operating our civilization on oil, gas, and coal. The US has been buying its oil from foreign countries. This can not continue. The US is already broke. The US has choice, if we want to use electrical power for our homes and gasoline to fuel our cars, but to become resource self sufficient. Citizens have banded together to stop the development of nuclear plants, drill for oil, drill for natural gas, and stop the use of coal. It might be time to question, like we do for politicians, what is the least of the many evils? Because I believe we US citizens would not like to put our vehicles into storage and live without electricity, I think it would be a good idea to learn all we can about all of these power sources and take the road of least risk to our health. Alternate energy sources apparently do not have the power that is required, and many citizens are now banding together to prevent wind turbine installations. Fight everything, on, and on, and on!!