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Help Women–Without Hurting Animals

Help Women–Without Hurting Animals

During October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many charities sell pink ribbons and other pink merchandise to raise money for breast cancer research. While the cause is certainly noble, many people don’t realize that the money is often wasted on cruel and irrelevant animal experiments .

In one experiment, researchers allegedly injected mice with cancer cells, so they grew huge tumors. Some mice were “treated” with radiation and infected with modified herpes. Others were jabbed with needles around their eyes, which causes their blood vessels to rupture, so that experimenters could collect their blood. They were killed when their tumors reached a certain size. Rats were also reportedly killed so that their mammary glands could be removed and studied.

One of my best friends is a breast cancer survivor and a passionate animal rights activist. It infuriates her that time and money is spent on such inhumane and ineffective experiments rather than on clinical studies, direct care, community education, and prevention. She doesn’t want any animals tortured in her name. There’s enough suffering in the world without “scientists” inflicting more—and it makes no sense to cause cancer in one sentient being in an attempt to cure cancer in another. All living beings deserve to be treated with empathy and respect. 

Fortunately, many modern, cruelty-free charities, including the American Breast Cancer Foundation, Breast Cancer Action, The Breast Cancer Fund, and the Love/Avon Army of Women know that non-animal methods are the best way to combat cancer. The Love/Avon Army of Women is recruiting women to participate in research that could help eradicate breast cancer—and none of the research participants are harmed either. If you can’t volunteer but still want to support the charity’s work, consider purchasing the “beyond a cure” pendant.

Or, if you want to show your support for breast cancer prevention programs—and your opposition to animal experiments—Keep-A-Breast teamed up with peta2, PETA’s youth division, to produce a raspberry pink “Breasts, Not Animal Tests”  tank top.

We don’t have to maim and kill animals in order to save women. Both can live free from suffering if we support humane health charities. Have a happy and humane breast cancer awareness month. Stay well.

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2:39PM PDT on Mar 14, 2010

In solidarity with my fellow cholesterol-sufferers

8:21AM PST on Feb 13, 2010

People can spread without symptoms. Herpes is life long and a terrible curse
Signs and symptoms of Genital Herpes in women

10:49PM PDT on Oct 11, 2009

99% of the animals in lab testing in the US are not regarded as animals under the law and have no protection under the law, according to Marc Bekoff.

7:20PM PDT on Oct 9, 2009

I do not donate to charities that conduct animal testing. There are much more efficient methods of doing research, as technology has expanded. Plus, when it comes to devastating diseases like cancer, I would really like to see some effort put towards real prevention. Even if that means stepping on toes, like getting hormones and other unsafe additives out of food, and removing toxins from the environment.

I also can't stand this Pink campaign every October. Many companies do not donate one penny to breast cancer research. They just sell pink junk to "raise awareness."

Thanks but no thanks. I donate to charities and causes that I choose myself, and know where my money goes.

Not only do I not donate to charities that do animal testing, but I also do not buy products tested on animals.

5:17PM PDT on Oct 9, 2009

Its sad that for dewcades this abuse is legal.Cruelity to animals is wrong and there are others messures to help other sick animals and people,but they are easy to make repoduce more of and we have alot of humans who just don't have a heart and don't know or care.I blame our law makers and gov.,because their hands are just as bloody cruel.Just excuses to kill and abuse animals is all the research is,morals from right and wrong have and are going to the wayside and there are no limits to the cruel acts to be constantly justified for one reason after another and such a waste.This all has been hidden behind closed and protect by law,so those of us with a heart and morals and know the difference between right and wrong won't make waves to put an end to the false lies and deciets of what really goes on behind those closed doors.I don't trust the gov. or any closed doors anywhere.I refuse to feed into the lies and deciets and will never buy pink products,I'd rather die of my disease and not by time so they can say its because of animals being torchard and ill kept and very scared of life itself.If they don't have cures by now,they are either holding back or they are just useing animals for fun,because they can.

5:50AM PDT on Oct 9, 2009

Sadly, Macmillan Cancer Care do test on animals. I received an appeal letter from them recently that made reference to research, so I wrote to them to ask, and they replied to say they do indeed fund research that uses animals. (If this comment appears twice, my apologies. The first time I tried it apparently had not worked.)

5:47AM PDT on Oct 9, 2009

Sadly, Macmillan Cancer Care do test on animals. I received an appeal letter from them recently that made reference to research, so I wrote to them to ask, and they replied to say they do indeed fund research that uses animals.

4:33PM PDT on Oct 8, 2009

I NEVER donate to charities that harm animals. I recommend taking a very suspicious approach to any that have "Research" in the title. Ask questions. Animal Defenders are allied to the Lord Dowding Humane Research Fund which works on alternatives to vivisection, such as cell culture and manikins. In the UK, if you specifically wish to donate to breast cancer, you can donate to Macmillan Cancer Care -- they fund nurses for women with terminal breast cancer.

9:26PM PDT on Oct 7, 2009

Lets get clear on one fact big Pharma does not want to find a "cure" for cancer because then they would have no repeat business. They have one purpose making money. Therefore the ideal drugs for them are those that supress symptoms or appear to aid in a remission but do not cure. Animal testing is just another ploy to make sure there is no effective cure and it also makes lots of money for those who breed and sell these helpless creatures.
There is NO magic bullet cure for any form cancer since it has many different causes including lousy diet, exposure to toxins, genetic predisposition, viruses and even emotional trauma.
All these factors need to be considered and if possible prevented. If this was done there would be very little cancer.

There have been people who came up with herbal, (non patenable formulas) which had good results in helping people's bodies overcome cancer. These people like Hoxley were relentless persecuted by the Establishment and their formulas were never allowed to be tested. The AMA and Big Pharma do not want to find a solution to cancer. They want to profit from it. Chemo and Radiation make lots of money for the medical establishment. Since, they don't care about all the suffering inflicted on people why in the world would we expect them to care about lab animals?

10:28AM PDT on Oct 7, 2009

Confining, controlling and torturing any sensient being is morally offensive to me. Humans have no inherent right to inflict our will on other species. And I am equally offended by people who refer to prisoners on death row as "scum."

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