Holistic Options for Man’s Best Friend at the Big Bad Woof

The Big Bad Woof, located in the Old Takoma neighborhood of Washington DC and the Arts District Hyattsville in Maryland, sets a different standard for pet care and products. The retail store specializes in organic, holistic, premium and raw diets for companion animals with a strong commitment to the community. Their products are chosen to provide healthy and sustainable options for pet owners in the D.C. area. A good example of their unique, triple bottom line approach is seen in their relationship with local farmers. The Big Bad Woof works with local farmers to purchase whole foods like chicken frames, lamb hearts and marrow bones, that farmers would otherwise discard. These products are great food supplements for dogs and cats and a market is created for the farmer’s left-overs. Waste not, want not!

The Big Bad Woof also partners with local rescue organizations such as the Washington Animal Rescue LeagueWashington Humane Society and the Animal Rescue Corps to hold fundraising events, collect donations of pet supplies and co-run adoption clinics. BBW’s WoofClinic program gives free professional information directly to the community. Animal specialists in health, behavior, and training come to the store to present  and answer people’s questions about animal well care. This gives everyone the opportunity to be a better pet owner.

When asked why The Big Bad Woof chose to become certified as a B Corporation, co-owner Pennye Jones-Napier explained, “We feel strongly that doing good helps increase bottom line profits….There should be a standard in being able to say that you can run a business well, give back to the community and make a profit.” B Certification provides that standard and being a Benefit Corporation* gives the company the legal flexibility to grow and expand while maintaining their mission. For The Big Bad Woof, B Certification is also important as a marker and managing tool to keep future franchises mission-aligned. Future stores will use the certification as a reference of the mission and standards the company stands by.

Find out more about local DC pet events, Benefit Corporation legislation, holistic pet care, and better know The Big Bad Woof.

* The Big Bad Woof is the first of a new breed of good business; they are the first Benefit Corporation in MD and the US, and the first Benefit Corporation and franchise company to certify as a B Corporation. This is big news for the sustainable business world as The Big Bad Woof represents a certified and legal dedication to the triple bottom line.  This inclusive bottom line of people, planet, and profit is the foundation of the new economy we seek.  Find out more about Benefit Corporations here.


Kristin Moran
Kristin Moran4 years ago

Thank you for all of your comments. We do also care for cates and small mammals, and we BELIEVE nutrition has a great impact on overall health.

pennye (co-owner)

Meta Reid
Meta Reid5 years ago

Kudos to BBW! Is there one in San Francisco?

Bruce S.
Bruce S.5 years ago

I'll have to discuss it with my dog. I don't think she would appreciate eating things that "....farmers would otherwise discard". If it's not something that I can eat, I don't want to feed it to her. At 14 years old, she knows what's what.

Fran Baca
Fran B.5 years ago

Sounds like a great place!

Jo Little
jo L.5 years ago

A company that cares about something OTHER than pure profit... what a novel idea! Good for our health, good for our pets' health, good for the planet. I'm sure when word gets around, they will have loyal customers. Wish more companies were so conscientious.

Cynthia Blais
cynthia AWAY b.5 years ago

BRAVO very cool Big Bad Wolf

Linda T.
Linda T.5 years ago

I make my geriatric dog's raw food diet from scratch using pasture-raised meats/poultry from our local farmer. I have been doing this for a year now, and his health has drastically improved. His vet bill has gone down from $3,500 the year before changing from commercial dog food down to $zero except his annual checkup this year. No more skin infections, improved hips (he had severe arthritis and displasia - bad limp, couldn't even sit anymore,) no more antibiotics that were barely keeping his skin problems under control, no more steroid shots, his coat is soft, beautiful, shiny like it was when he was a puppy. He is so much happier with his healthy diet. His quality of life has improved exponentially along with his health.

Berny P.
Berny p.5 years ago

great idea!

Marie W.
Marie W.5 years ago

Where's one for cats?

Susan W.
Susan W.5 years ago

If there was one where i live, i would definetely check it out.