Hundreds Of Occupy Wall Street Protesters Reclaim Zuccotti Park

Following a triumphant return to Zuccotti Park on New Year’s Eve, Occupy Wall Street protesters decided to reclaim the movement’s birthplace earlier this week. On January 10, about 300 calm but celebratory protesters entered New York City’s Zuccotti Park just a few hours after news spread that the metal barricades were coming down.

Watch the protesters re-enter the park in this AP video:

According to CSB News, the barricades, which Mayor  Bloomberg and the NYPD claimed were put in place to protect the park, were removed after the City received complaints about their appearance. A spokesperson for the NYPD and Brookfield Office Properties claims that the barricades were removed because they were no longer deemed necessary.

A Brookfield employee who refused to give his name told an Associated Press reporter: “The barriers are down, but the other rules are the same.”

As OWS supporters trickled back into the park, observers say the mood was peaceful, with many sharing food, playing chess, or recreating in the public space designed for just such a purpose. Some tried to erect tents, the symbol of many public occupations, but they were quickly dismantled by watchful police officers.

So far, only three protesters have been arrested for trying to sleep in the park.

Many thought the November 15th police raid on the OWS encampment in Zuccotti Park would be the end of the movement, but its members have simply found other, more creative ways to continue their fight against corporate greed and political corruption.

“We were recovering,” Occupier Felix Rivera-Pitre told NY Daily News about the movement’s low profile in recent months since the NYPD stormed the park evicted everyone. “Everything we had was lost during the raid.”

There is nothing on the official Occupy Wall Street website to indicate if the protesters intend to remain in the park permanently.


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Image via – 2011: A Year In Revolt


Scott Gurstein
Scott Gurstein4 years ago

Translation of Nancy L's comment: "Giant, multi-national corporations with billions of dollars to spend purchasing political influence with corrupt elected officials have EARNED their right to dictate their rules to everyone else. They have EARNED the right to monopolize everything in sight. It's THEIR way, or the HIGHWAY! So STOP using your constitutional right to assemble peacefully and petition the government for redress of grievances! Sit down, SHUT UP, and DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD!"

Nancy L.
Nancy L.4 years ago

For god's sake - go find a job and quick getting in people's way on private property. Worthless.

Tom H.
Tom H.4 years ago

Awesome! I have been hoping they haven't given up!!!

Since the movement started, I saw the movie "Inside Job" about incredibly corrupt practices on Wall Street. I recommend it to everyone.

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

Scott G. good idea. :)

Since the signing of NDAA we need to stop any more of that kind of action and reverse it, completely. All of us on this site is just as likely considered a 'terrorist' because we say how we feel about the governments actions. I have also been to several rally's and peace demonstrations. The document could be the killing blow to any thing the bill of rights and our constitution had left. That bill scares me right down where i live.

Lin Taylor
Lin Taylor4 years ago

and final exit from planet Earth.

Reading material for all those compassionate individuals out there. Please share this around for it is a gentle breeze but will soon turn into a zephyr. No backing down now, Occupy Era.

Video's: Zeitgeist Moving Forward the official release Peter Jackson, with The Venus Project and How to Boil a Frog. On line research for your all Capitol name, like your drivers license, etc. which is the Corporation name of you not the "real you" which is the lower case name. Charter & Constitutional Rights, Criminal and Victimless crime, Freeman or free person on the Land, Sovereign and Strawman, Common Law vs Admiralty Law, Illuminati, Secret Societies, Birth Certificates, Money as Debt, Accepted for Value A 4 V, Claim of Right & Universal Declaration of Human Rights to name a few. You will enlighten yourselves.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L.4 years ago


Lin Taylor
Lin Taylor4 years ago

Occupy is the most important movement in all of history. 99% needs to be supported at all costs. Now is the time for changes before the planet is ruined beyond saving. Enough already of the games, fear, terror, propaganda and stealing from the lower and middle classes for over the top wealth of a few. The Bankers, Wall Street insiders, the no power politicians, some CEO's, the Pope, brainwashed police, the superior enlightened so called illuminati and all other controlling bodies have had a very clever evil game plan since 1933, that is now being exposed by education. Both the two major political parties are the same, they work together, so do not think that one party is better than the other they are just names for the same policies, you are in delusion. At long last people are awakening from the delusion that has kept all of us in slavery. We were sold into slavery by our birth certificates around the world this is real, do check this out. As like-minded groups are coming forward, a solution to the powerful demise of the true criminals is to stop buying! only the essentials you need for this will crumble them and also cut your budgets and stop paying some bills if you dare, many people have no choice now. If you do not fear any longer this is of key importance how soon would our en-slavers last. They will fall quickly. How many boats, airplanes and homes do the rich need. Being a millionaire, I am in disgust as many others are, so I will support occupyers until my permanent

Scott Gurstein
Scott Gurstein4 years ago

So, no tents or sleeping in the park now? Fine. Hey,'s what you do: OCCUPY IN SHIFTS! First shift, then second, third, and FOURTH if necessary. There must be enough people willing to get involved who have work schedules that can accomodate this type of scheme! If cops move in and try to close the park during overnight hours, then OCCUPY THE DAMN SIDEWALK around it. Keep it going and going and going.

Winn Adams
Winn Adams4 years ago

Thanks for the update.

Portland N.
P. L. Neola4 years ago

I support the movement and would like to see some much needed change, but the movement is not being acknowledged politically. It is only acknowledge by the common people, but definitely not by our city, county, state, and federal representatives.