Investigation Alleges Bachmann Clinic Does “Ex-Gay” Therapy

Allegations that Marcus Bachmann’s mental health and therapy clinic, which receives federal funding for some of it trainings and treatments, actually is involved in “ex-gay” therapy have been traveling the wire in Minnesota for years.  After all, Bachmann has a history of traveling around to campaign events with ex-gay advocate and former homosexual Janet Boyle.  Still, no one has every provided the smoking gun, despite Marcus’s public statements that “gays must be changed” and the series of counseling specialties, from “marital problems” and “shame” to “Men’s & Women’s Issues.”

But now, Truth Wins Out, an group that “fights anti-LGBT religious extremism and the ‘ex-gay’ myth” claims to know first hand that the clinic “degays.”  Because one of their members went through a session.

After sending in one of their members with a hidden camera for therapy sessions, the undercover counselee was advised to find a “heterosexual accountability buddy,” to read a “why I’m better off not gay” book by friend of the firm Janet Boynes, was given ex-gay friendly churches to attend, and even reminded that he and his other gay friends could still possibly make it to heaven — if they repent throughouly first.

Read John’s full account of his experience being told he was a “heterosexual dealing with a homosexual problem” here at Truth Wins Out.


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LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article.

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran4 years ago


Jane H.
Jane H.4 years ago

I hope that one day these kinfd of "clinics" will go the way of the wagon wheel. Some people may be confused with bi-sexual people, however. For them, it is just a matter of which sex they happen to fall in love with. They are not changed, however, if they fall in love with whichever sex.

Scottmari B.
Scottmari B.5 years ago

So is practicing "clinical therapy" without a license, which is what Bachmann does.

It is acknowledged in the DSM IV, that sexual attraction is controlled by an innate orientation, not by free-will. Free-will controls whether or not a person acts and reacts to their thoughts and feelings. People infuse into co-created actions, all free-will intentions, thoughts, actions, and reactions, which make up free-will choice.

His unethical therapy can serve to mind-control someone's free-will, but cannot change their physiological orientation.

Camila K.
Kamila A.5 years ago

That kind of therapy is unethical

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener5 years ago

That would be up her alley!

Lilithe Magdalene

Petition to defund Bachmann's practice of taxpayer money Please sign!!

Scottmari B.
Scottmari B.5 years ago

Many people assume that the Jesus', Buddha', Krishna', Horus'...are conditional beings just like them. As such, they assume that these beings think, believe, act, and embrace perspectives in alignment with their own. What really is difficult for conditional human consciousness to comprehend, is that these beings do NOT see reality the way consciousness does.

These beings all are expressions of Superconsciousness. They are Unconditional, and therefore, it is impossible for them to be opposed to gay/straight...or any/every aspect of free-will choice. Jesus was/is Unconditional Love, Limitless Peace, Infinite were/are all of these previously cited examples. They are no more going to back to being conditional, than a Quantum Physicist, would go back to nursery school.

Scottmari B.
Scottmari B.5 years ago

Everyone has free-will and will make their own inalienble choices. People choose their intimate partners based on what is right for them at any given moment, and are free to choose differently in another moment.

Dr. Bachmann chooses to practice "clinical therapy" without a Board Sanctioned License, from the State of Minnesota. He is a scofflaw of the law. He also chooses to focus his practice on an aspect of human nature long since removed from the DSM IV as being non-applicable.

So, he is free to practice "clinical therapy" illegally, just as anyone /everyone else. Whether or not that business is helpful or hurtful in changing peoples choices or just further confusing people is irrelevant. It is illegal for him to practice or supervise cases in Minnesota.