Is Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric About Maintaining a White Majority?

A bombshell story in the Washington Post has exposed how the instigators of anti-immigrant laws are really intent on reinforcing an American white majority.

It profiles Kris Kobach, “a telegenic law professor who was worried about foreign terrorists” and Michael Hethmon, “a bookish lawyer afraid that immigrants would overburden the environment.”

Kris Kobach is/was/appears to be Mitt Romney’s main immigration advisor and the major author of Arizona’s anti-immigration law — which Romney has praised — and Hethmon is his sidekick at the Immigration Reform Law Institute. There has been a dance around Kobach’s exact role with the Romney campaign as Mittens tries to shake the etch-a-sketch in order to somehow appeal to the Hispanic voters he needs to win but who are currently rejecting him in polls by five to one.

What Hethmon tells the Post is:

Immigration is “on track to change the demographic makeup of the entire country. You know, what they call ‘minority-majority,’ ” said Hethmon, who is general counsel at the Washington-based Immigration Reform Law Institute. “How many countries have gone through a transition like that — peacefully, carefully? It’s theoretically possible, but we don’t have any examples.”

So Hethmon is motivated by concerns about a transition from a white U.S. majority, which he fears may not be “peaceful”? He’s working on anti-immigrant measures for Republican policymakers nationwide to prevent whites from slipping into the American minority?

If the media can go haywire over comments made by a woman identified as a Democrat but purely a CNN commentator and not part of the Obama campaign, where — apart from on Rachel Maddow — is the outrage on these blatantly racist statements from someone front-and-center in the Republican push on immigration law?

Kobach, in the Post, echoes Hethmon’s racism, saying: “Change the individual decisions of particular illegal aliens, and they will decide to leave the country.” Which particular illegal residents is he referring to? Just the brown ones? If this law push is supposed to be about legality, shouldn’t he be focused on all illegal residents?

Hethmon is asked: “What are you going to say to the people who say that you’re creating a climate of fear?” Hethmon recalled someone asking him recently. “I say, ‘Well, yeah, it’s not great. But it’s the best choice.’”

All this fear-creating — and fear-mongering for white votes — while figures show Mexican migration, for one, is actually in reverse.

Hethmon and Kobach’s baby, Arizona’s ‘Papers Please’ law, is currently before the Supreme Court. As Jessica Pieklo has reported here, the questioning on that from friend-of-the-right Justice Scalia echoed the sort of racism Hethmon boldly came out with to the Washington Post.

Analysts believe that the Justice Department will lose its case against the Arizona law, but the right may regret what it wished for.

Law Professor Jonathan Turley told MSNBC’s Martin Bashir that having heard the oral argument on Wednesday, he expected the Arizona law to emerge unscathed. However, he also pointed out that this may be just what the Obama campaign wants as it will push the Romney campaign bang into the place they want them to be and lock up the Hispanic vote, putting not just Florida into the Obama column but possibly even Arizona itself.

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LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Eva C.
Eva Cantu4 years ago

the whole world is racist, everyone is racist in their own way it's just some people are not willing to admit it , just very critical instead !

Eva C.
Eva Cantu4 years ago

the whole world is racist, everyone is racist in their own way it's just some people are not willing to admit it , just very critical instead !

Donald T.
Donald T.4 years ago

if you have to ask, then you do not know and are an ignoramus. of course they want the white boys in charge, not necessarily in the majority, but definitely running the show. they need alot of dark skinned people to work the plantations and poor white turds as serfs to till the soil. if you have not picked up on that over the past 4 years, then you are hopeless. they are pissed, to say the least, they lost power to a ... black man, although their choice of words is as vile as are they.

bob m.
bob m.4 years ago

Yo Paul... sounds like that might just be a project you could work on for a while... figurin and all.. keeps the mind at its' peak of performance ; keeps it simple so's ya don't get carried away with maudlin insult .

Paul canning
Paul canning4 years ago

@ Bonnie D.

How much tin foil does it take to paper a room? Oh, and what are the sufficient number of canned goods to survive the Hispanic apocalypse? Amerika needs Answers!

Dianne D.
Dianne D.4 years ago

What a stupid concept. The Anti-immigrantion cause is similar to someone breaking into your house and stealing from you. My ancestors came to this country legally, so why can't hispanic's? Why should hispanic's get special treatment and be able to break into this country and take advantage of our education, health care, social services and the such without contributing anything to it? I have no problem with hispanic's coming to the United States, in fact a couple of very good friends of mine are green card holders from Mexico, but I, like these two friends I just mentioned, know it is wrong for these people to invade our country like they are doing.

leo l.
leo F.4 years ago

Gosh, it must really be awful to have the US look like LA, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, any blue democratic city. I mean, it's soo much better for the country to look like Oklahoma, Alabama or Missisipi right?

By the way, no one ever complains when white men marry minorities. The conspiracy of the extermination of the white race is true. Hip-hop music has now toppled rock and roll.