Italian Goat Dam (Video)

Ibex are wild goats.  They have remarkable powers of balance and are natural rock climbers.  The Alpine Ibex live in the European Alps and recently some amazing photos have been making the rounds in cyberspace, mainly through the forwarding of emails.

Take a look at the photos of them in National Geographic.  These photos show the ibex set high atop the Cingino Dam in Italy.  Apparently what attracts ibex to this almost vertical dam made from stone is the salt encrusted in it.

As herbivores, ibex crave salt that is not found in their natural diet of leaves, plants and twigs.

To learn more about the life of ibex, watch the BBC clip from its series Life.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Klaus P.
Klaus Peters5 years ago

Amazing, I have seen goats in the Alps and also in Montana,(Glacier park), they are natural climbers, don't know how they keep their balance. It is exciting just to watch them.

Deanna Murphy
Cindy Murphy5 years ago

Those goats deserve their props, and so does the person who made the video

Deanna Murphy
Cindy Murphy5 years ago


Alicia N.
Alicia N.5 years ago

boy......!!! I was sweating from my hands with the second video; What an amazing, and I mean AMAZING !!!!, animals they are, so beautiful! Many, many thanks for sharing this, love you Megan.

Mara C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Beautiful. Thank you!


We are lucky to have them in Switzerland! In the mountain we can see them easily; they are always looking at you when you are taking the same way, as if they were waiting for you to follow them…

Krasimira B.
Krasimira B.5 years ago

Amazing creatures!

Deanna Murphy
Cindy Murphy5 years ago

The Ibex deserve their props! They are awesome! I LOVED the music to it. Thank you for posting this Megan it was amazing

Ioana Boca
Ioana B.5 years ago

amaizing ,wonderful creatures

Carol Cowbrough
Carol Cowbrough5 years ago

Wow! Amazing videos. Thank you.