It’s A Recount In Wisconsin

The proxy war in Wisconsin rages on as Supreme Court challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg requested a recount in an election marked by bitter personal attacks and funny vote counting. 

Incumbent judge and Scott Walker supporter David Prosser immediately attacked Kloppenburg’s decision and insisted he would challenger Kloppenburg’s right to a recount.  So we may witness a legal challenge to the recount before there is even a recount meaning this race is not anywhere near over.

Early unofficial results in the statewide race show Kloppenburg with a scant 204 vote statewide lead over Prosser.But two days after the polls closed, Waukesha County officials announced that they had failed to include over 14,000 votes in their final tally.  With that error corrected, Prosser gained more than 7000 votes and the unofficial victory.

Given the turn of the events in Waukesha County, a recount is hardly out of the question.  The best case scenario here is that Waukesha County is grossly negligent in the manner it administers elections.  And the worst is they are criminal.  Either way, the integrity of the electoral process demands a second look.

So what does a recount in Wisconsin look like?  The Uptake offers this tutorial.  In short 72 counties will either verify or count by hand ballots.  Wisconsin allows electronic ballots, and those votes have no paper back-up, leaving the reliability of the final count dependent on the reliability of the machine.

Once the recount starts the counties have 14 days to complete the process.  Those results are then sent to the Government Accountability Board which certifies the results.  It is possible to challenge the certification, including appellate review in the 4th District court of appeals in Madison.

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Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y5 years ago

A recount is a perfectly legitimate part of the democratic process. No-one should be against it just because it may benefit or go against your particular candidate.

What we should be against is anything less than a full, completely accurate re-count where everyone agrees on the results, so we don't have to live through another Florida.

That's why paper ballots are so important - without paper, there is no trail!

David J.
David Johnson5 years ago

Recount or a doover? Bring in "observers" like we send to third world countries to insure fair elections..Is Wisconsin's new name Kochland?

lyn L.
l L5 years ago


Charles Y.
Charles Yheaulon5 years ago

Poor Kloppenburg if you win the recount some paid off judge would only overturn it anyway;money talks,....and buys elections.

Eugene T.
Eugene Treadwell5 years ago

Hmm... I'm sooooo glad that the United States is a Constitutional Democratic Republic, and not a simple democracy, you know, we have rule of law, protection of the rights of the majority AND minority, not majority rule (mob rule, a bad thing). Minority rule (oligarch and or plutocracy) is pretty bad too (Actualy it's worse)!

Eugene T.
Eugene Treadwell5 years ago

The rebulicans are not just engaging in blatant class warefare against the majority of americans ( the middle and working class,and the poor) (remember Wisconsin). what about their covert racism? The birther game, the "he's a moslem" game, the he's a "comunist" game, attempting to disenfranchise minority voters? Remember the southern strategy, when the Dixiecrats became the republican base. They haven't forgotten or changed their views . During the last presidential election, at the republican convention Rudy Guliani was going on about " outside agitators". Doesn't anyone remember, or heaven forbid, read american history. " Hellish" is a good word.

monica r.
monica r5 years ago

Nan deB and Rev. Ruby

I live in Wisconsin, and as an informed and intelligent citizen, who has read the state report to the joint finance committee (which includes soon-to-be-ex-senator Darling). This document CLEARLY states that Wisconsin had a budget SURPLUS until Walker gave away record tax breaks to the Koch-roaches in January, in three separate bills he pushed through.

Why say "Go Walker"??? Not only did he create this "budget crisis" (just like he did in Milwaukee County to justify illegal actions), but if you use the regular accounting methods Mr. Walker is so fond of, his "budget repair" not only doesn't FIX the deficit, but makes it WORSE by adding another $57 million to it.

He dropped out of college cause he got caught cheating. Must have been math class, because he sucks at math.

He is a scammer, a cheat, and deserves to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Jon Hoy
Jonjon Hoy5 years ago

A Recount? Who's paying who off and having to do a recount to do it the legal way. Gee....!

Jon Hoy
Jonjon Hoy5 years ago

A Recount? Who's paying who off and having to do a recount to do it the legal way. Gee....!

Douglas D.
Douglas D.5 years ago

just redo the any outcme the other side will yell foul and no one will eveer accept it as start over